Doppler Card

The FloSeries3 Doppler card provides the input for connecting MACE Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors.

WebComm Card

The In-Situ Mace WebComm card enables all In-Situ Mace XCi devices to automatically upload internal logged data to HydroVu Data Services or other ftp servers via mobile networks.

SDI-12 Master Card

The FloSeries3 SDI-12 Master card provides an XCi device with the ability to control and log SDI-12 sensors.

Pulse I/O Card

The FloSeries3 Pulse I/O card powers (+5VDC or + 12VDC) a single pulsing flow sensor and provides a pulse output.

This allows an XCi device the ability to sense pulses from non-MACE flow sensors.

I/O (input/output) Card

The FloSeries3 I/O card supports seven sensor inputs and four control outputs including 4-20mA, voltage and digital.

The card also supplies 12V to power your add-on sensors.

FloSI Card

The FloSerie3 FloSI card provides an SDI-12 or ModBus output to interface an XCi device to SCADA systems and radio networks.