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The HydroMace XCi can be used to monitor just about any environmental sensor. Use this versatile device to monitor inputs as diverse as flumes and weirs; water quality sensors and rainfall gauges; drinking water flows (leak detection); and weather stations.

With a fully integrated data logger, solar regulator and battery housed in one rugged weatherproof enclosure, the HydroMace is built to withstand the harshest environments and enable plug and play with just about any environmental sensor.


Integrated Flume and Weir Equations

FloCom+ provides the equations for all standard pipe and structures built into the software.

Complete Monitoring Solution

The HydroMace is ready to use straight out of the box. End-to-end integration testing ensures that our system works better than any pieced-together solution.


The In-Situ Mace XCI platform is telemetry ready. The integrated WebComm card enables data communication over GSM cellular networks. Get the real-time visibility you need with HydroVu functionality, including Network-Wide Visibility, Multi-Condition Alarms, Dashboards and Calculated Parameters.

Expanded Connectivity

The XCi system expansion cards enable the system to integrate with any SDI-12 devices or pulse meter


Surface Water

Monitor inland or coastal water easily and accurately with equipment designed to work together.

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Collect accurate process chemistry measurements and water monitoring data to ensure system optimization and compliance.

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Manage water entering, moving through and leaving a mine site.

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