HydroVu is a powerful data-management application that runs in modern web browsers (Google Chrome recommended). The simple interface makes it easy to manage multiple instruments on large networks from anywhere, at anytime. Protect your uploaded data with triple-redundant servers, and reduce time in the field with remote configuration tools.

Network-wide visibility makes it easy to view data from multiple locations, responsive dashboards keep you apprised of every detail, and multi-condition alarms are easy to customize. HydroVu is part of a complete remote solution that easily interfaces with your systems and gives you decision-quality data in real time.


Complete Remote Solution

HydroVu is part of In-Situ’s complete monitoring solution. In-Situ telemetry and instrumentation gather data and upload it to the cloud. HydroVu’s data-visualization and management tools present that data in useful, flexible graphs. The software’s intuitive user interface lets you configure and modify instruments remotely and reduces costly site visits.

Network-Wide Visibility

Whether you have a network of a few instruments or a few thousand, HydroVu makes it easy to view and manage your data. Understand the relationships between parameters and locations across vast networks with Instant Graphing. Focus on short time periods for more detail with Rapid Zoom. Look at data for all your parameters at a given point in time with Global Hover.


Your most important data is highly visible with HydroVu Dashboards. Custom cards show you critical parameters, alarm conditions and other information. Dashboards display properly on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Macro Filters

HydroVu’s powerful filters help you see what’s happening across your entire network. Apply macro filters to select and graph massive datasets in just seconds. See only the parameters, projects, locations and time spans you want. Export relevant data with one mouse click.

Calculated Parameters

Add, subtract, average and transform parameters to create useful input for custom applications. Calculated parameters have all the power of any other parameter in HydroVu and appear on the graphs page. You can even use them to trigger alarms.

Multi-Condition Alarms

HydroVu alarms notify you when parameters cross user-determined thresholds. Using a simple interface, you can set alarm conditions and determine how you want to receive notifications: by email, SMS or automated voice call. Build alarms based on single conditions, and create complex alarms triggered only when multiple conditions exist simultaneously.