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In-Situ’s phycoerythrin blue-green algae sensor helps consultants and researchers more effectively measure phycoerythrin cyanobacteria in marine environments. Features include Integrated Optical Compensation to compensate for LED drift over temperature and time, Ambient Light Rejection for more reliable performance, and Isolated Optical Frequencies to minimize interference and improve accuracy.


Integrated Optical Compensation

Integrated Optical Compensation uses a second detector to measure any change in LED brightness and automatically compensate each reading for the difference.

Low-Interference Spectral Bands

Separate chlorophyll a and BGA sensors excite a smaller range of the light spectrum and increase accuracy while minimizing interference from other fluorescence sources.

Isolated Optical Frequencies

Each In-Situ optical sensor runs at a unique frequency that creates a digital signature for each light source. This signature allows the system to separate out interference between sensors and improves overall system accuracy.

Ambient Light Rejection

Ambient Light Rejection separates the light from the sensor from other ambient light sources, enabling the same degree of accuracy regardless of lighting conditions or deployment location.


HAB Monitoring

Remotely monitor for harmful algal blooms for quick response and improved trend analysis.

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