SKU VuSitu Mobile App

VuSitu is an easy-to-use mobile app that works with all In-Situ instruments. Configure, calibrate, and deploy with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. View live readings, set up logs, take site photos, and share data via email or cloud storage. VuSitu works on Android and iOS devices.


Simple Data Management

Pair your phone or tablet with an In-Situ instrument and start viewing data immediately. See real-time readings for conductivity, pressure, temperature and other parameters. Capture a snapshot of data at any moment or record changes over several minutes with the press of a single button.

User-Friendly Assistants

VuSitu “assistants” guide you through calibration, log setup, site creation and other important tasks. Step-by-step instructions and photos walk you through everything from adding a new site to performing a low-flow test. There’s no need to consult a printed manual; VuSitu is the manual.

Comprehensive Auto Discovery

VuSitu works with all instruments. A unique algorithm enables a fast search across common Modbus configurations. And a Wireless TROLL Com indicates instrument discovery on a cable. Use with Level TROLLs, Rugged TROLLs, BaroTROLLs and VuLink telemetry.

Site Photos and GPS Tagging

Create sites in VuSitu to keep data organized by location. GPS tags ensure geographically accurate log files, snapshots and live readings. With your mobile device’s built-in camera, it’s easy to add a photo to any site, so you can identify and access the appropriate data quickly.

Email, Share, Log, Export

VuSitu lets you collect and share data in several convenient ways. Export a log file and email it anywhere, right from your mobile device. Store data on Google Drive or transfer it to your PC via Bluetooth. VuSitu data files open in any web browser or spreadsheet application.