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M2M Telemetry, RTU, SCADA

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Low Power RTU Telemetry Logger with GSM/LTE/GPS/RF/Wifi For sending SMS Alert, Wireless IP Data to Remote Server.
Accept DIN, AIN (up to 16bit) -20mA or 0-5V, Serial Data via RS232C or RS485.
Interface direct to panel, sensors (4-20mA), or Digital Serial from Sensor.
Customization and User OEM welcome with low NRE cost for M2m IOT project or tender.

Global Water

Sensor and Instrumentation for Water Level, Flow, Waste Water., Sewer, Portable Sampler, PH, DO, ORP, Turbidity, Multi-Parameter Probes, Data logger, Weather Station, Chemcical Metering Pump, Transmitter, Meters, Display.


Wireless modules in mPCIe, Header, SMD (4G LTE, NB iot, 3G, Wifi, LORA, Bluetooth, ISM RF, UV Sensor)


COD/BOD/TOC Sensor Transmittter with Serial or analog 4-20mA for Waste Water Monitoring.