IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas R32C

The complete development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas R32C provides one toolbox in one view, giving you one uninterrupted workflow.

User-Friendly IDE

Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor. Included is automatic checking of MISRA C rules (MISRA-C:2004), configuration files for all devices in R32C family, linker and library tools as well as example projects and code templates.

Powerful Build Tools

The IAR C/C++ Compiler is a highly optimizing C and C++ compiler for R32C. Included is also run-time libraries and a relocating R32C assembler.

Comprehensive Debugger

The C-SPY Debugger with R32C simulator is included. It provides support for RTOS-aware debugging on hardware as well as Renesas E30 emulator, Renesas E8a emulator and Renesas E30A emulator. Included is also the C-SPY Debugger plugin SDK for 3rd party debuggers.

Latest Releases

IAR Systems are constantly updating and refining their tools with new features, new device support and extended capabilities.

Latest Version: 1.40

New Text Editor and Source Browser

A new text editor and source browser are introduced in this version. The new features include auto completion, parameter hint, code folding, block select, block indent, bracket matching, zoom and word/paragraph navigation. The new source browser adds features like Go to Declaration and Find All References to symbols.

Custom SFR window

It is now possible to define custom SFR’s (special function registers) in C-SPY with selectable access size and type.

New Licensing Management System (LMS) Introduced

The new LMS used with this release introduces new features like commuter licenses, automatic license activation and support for virtual servers. It is easier to administer and a new single CD concept enables all variants of IAR Embedded Workbench for a certain product to be included in one and the same installer.


The version control integration has been extended with support for Subversion (SVN).

Updated Device Support

SFR header files, linker command files, and device description files have been added for the latest Renesas devices.

Latest Version: 1.30

  • MISRA-C:2004 support
  • Multi-file compilation
  • Improved optimization
  • Handling of constants
  • E8a emulator support
  • Improved E30A emulator support
  • Symbols debugger window
  • Updated device support

Types of License

Single User

IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas R32C Single User - Stand Alone
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas R32C Single User - Mobile

Multiple User

Multiple User - Network
Multiple User - Global
Multiple User - Volume License Program