IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas M32C

The complete development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas M32C provides one toolbox in one view, giving you one uninterrupted workflow.

User-Friendly IDE

Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor. Included is automatic checking of MISRA C rules (MISRA-C:2004), configuration files for all devices in M32C and M16C/8x families, linker and library tools as well as example projects and code templates.

Powerful Build Tools

The IAR C/C++ Compiler is a highly optimizing C and C++ compiler for M32C. Included is also run-time libraries and a relocating R32C assembler.

Comprehensive Debugger

The C-SPY Debugger with M32C simulator is included. It provides support for RTOS-aware debugging on hardware as well as support for Renesas PC7501 emulator and Renesas E8 on-chip debug (OCD). Included is also RTOS-aware debugging with built-in plugins for several partner solutions.

Latest Releases

IAR Systems are constantly updating and refining their tools with new features, new device support and extended capabilities.

Latest Version: 3.30

E8a Debugger Improvements

Support for new devices, possibility to watch variables during program execution, and support for new breakpoint types are some of the improvements in the C-SPY driver for the Renesas E8a emulator.

Downloading Multiple Images with C-SPY

C-SPY is now able to download multiple images/applications at the same time.

Debug without Downloading

The debugger can now be started with or without downloading code, using two new buttons on the toolbar and two new Project menu entries.

Edit Breakpoints

When the context menu is opened from a row with one or more breakpoints, an entry Edit Breakpoint is now available. This will open the Edit Breakpoint dialog box that previously was available only from the Breakpoint window.

MISRA-C:2004 Support

IAR Embedded Workbench now supports automatic checking of source code for conformance to the MISRA-C:2004 standard.

Auto Refresh in Memory Window

The C-SPY Memory window now has two new buttons on the toolbar. One button refreshes the window once and one button activates periodical refreshing of the window as long as the debugger is running.

Symbols Debugger Window

A new Symbols debugger window has been added. It displays the complete list of symbols used within the project including symbols from libraries and assembler labels.

Checksumming of Segments by Name

It is now possible to specify the name of a segment in a checksum command.

Updated Device Support

SFR header files, linker command files and device description files have been added for the latest Renesas devices.

IAR Visual State Build Integration

IAR Visual State design projects can now be included in an IAR Embedded Workbench project. This enables the code generation facility of IAR Visual State to be run automatically when needed as part of the normal IAR Embedded Workbench build chain.

IDE Improvements

  • Multi-file compilation support
  • User-selectable background color in the text editor
  • If there is an external text editor, it is automatically disabled during debugging.

Information Center

An integrated navigation system that gives easy access to tutorials, product documentation, and example projects.

Latest Version: 3.20

  • PC7501 emulator support
  • E8 emulator support
  • ROM-monitor and hardware breakpoints
  • Updated device support
  • OSEK Run Time Interface (ORTI) support
  • embOS and Micriµm µC/OS-II RTOS plugins
  • Trace window
  • Stack window
  • New breakpoint category – Log breakpoint
  • New way to toggle breakpoints
  • Smart display of STL containers at debugging
  • Integration with source code control systems
  • Editor features

Types of License

Single User

IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas M32C Single User - Stand Alone
Single User - Mobile

Multiple User

Multiple User - Network
Multiple User - Global
Multiple User - Volume License Program