Customizable Weather Monitoring Station to Integrate with Recording Systems



  • Easy-to-use and economical
  • High quality, rugged, industrial grade sensors for monitoring, alarming, and reporting
  • Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Humidity, and Temperature Sensor electronics are fully encapsulated in marine grade epoxy for complete environmental protection and a long operating life

Weather Monitoring Station Product Description

Global Water’s WE900 Weather Station is an easy-to-use and economical weather station for monitoring many weather conditions. The weather station is designed to be a drop-in weather monitoring station for easy integration with existing systems. The weather station’s 4-20 mA sensors will interface with any SCADA, PLC, or RTU system that can accept a 4-20mA input.

Included Sensors and Hardware
The WE900 Global Water Weather Station includes the following weather sensors and installation hardware:

  • WE550 Wind Speed Sensor
  • WE570 Wind Direction Sensor
  • WE700 Temperature Sensor
  • WE600 Humidity Sensor
  • WE770 Solar Shield
  • and the WE820 1 inch 304 stainless steel mounting frame with 316 stainless steel fittings, 6 ft tall, 3 ft wide crossbar
  • Junction box

Optional Sensors
The following weather sensors and hardware can be added to the weather station:

  • WE100 Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • WE300 Solar Radiation Sensor
  • WE710 Flat Surface Temperature Sensor
  • LW100 Leaf Wetness/Rain Sensor
  • AT210 Soil Moisture Sensor
  • WL400 Water Level Sensor
  • EP180 Evaporation Pan
  • RG200 Rain Gauge 6″, Tipping Bucket
  • RG600 Rain Gauge 8″, Tipping Bucket
  • WE830 Mounting Tripod

Mounting Hardware
Global Water’s Weather Station includes full assembly on a sturdy and durable stainless steel tube frame that can be mounted onto a pre-existing base or onto the WE830 Global Water Tripod for upright installation.  The unit is designed for durability and endurance in harsh conditions.  The WE770 Solar Shield, a ventilated sun shield with high reflectiveness, low heat retention, and low thermoconductivity, is provided as protection and a mounting platform for the Temperature and Humidity sensors.

WE830 Weather Station Tripod

Weather Monitoring Station Applications

Designed for general meteorological applications, the Global Water Weather Station is a rugged and low-cost system for a variety of weather monitoring applications, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Environmental Studies
  • Landfills
  • Reclamation
  • Wastewater Facilities
  • Water Budget Analysis
  • Water Conservation

Weather Monitoring Station Installation

Proper siting for weather sensors is important to ensure accurate readings. For example, wind sensors should not be installed too close to a building, as turbulence created by the building can interfere with readings. The Solar Radiation sensor should be installed in direct sunlight on a level surface (bubble level and leveling screws are included with purchase).

Purchase of both the Wind Direction and Wind Speed sensors includes a T-mounting bar with a 1″ stainless steel coupling unit and allen wrench for easy allen set screw instalation. Individual wind sensors or solar radiation sensors include 1 inch stainless steel elbow couplers and an allen wrench. The Solar Shield (with a stainless steel elbow coupler) can be used for protection and easy installation of the Temperature and Humidity sensors. The Barometric Pressure sensor can be mounted with straps for a variety of applications (including inside a datalogger or to a display for hand-held use).

Weather Monitoring Station Options

WE900 Weather Station (PN# ER0000)
The standard Weather Station includes the following standard sensors and mounting accessories:
WE550 Wind Speed Sensor;
WE570 Wind Direction Sensor;
WE700 Temperature Sensor;
WE600 Humidity Sensor;
WE770 Solar Shield;
and WE820 1 inch diameter, 6 ft tall, 3 ft wide mounting frame.
Unless otherwise specified, sensors will be mounted to the WE820 Mounting Frame and wires will be terminated inside the included junction box.


WE100 Barometric Pressure Sensor, mounted inside junction box (PN# EA0000)

WE300 Solar Radiation Sensor plus mounting hardware(PN# EB0000)

WE710 Flat Surface Temperature Sensor (PN# EFA000)

LW100 Leaf Wetness/Rain Sensor (PN# EP0000)

WL400 Water Level Sensor

EP180 Evaporation Pan (PN# EN0000)

RG200 Rain Gauge 6 inch, Tipping Bucket (PN# EJ0000)

RG600 Rain Gauge 8 inch, Tipping Bucket (PN# EK0000)

WE830 Mounting Tripod (PN# EI0000)


WE800 Weather Station Data Logger (PN# EH0000)
GL500 Multichannel Data Logger included.

SIT65 Satellite Internet Telemetry


SIT70 Satellite Internet Telemetry (PN# FM1750)