Paperless Chart Recorders with Graphical and Digital Display.



  • Paperless datalogging
  • Graphical and digital display
  • 49,000 Reading internal memory
  • Total monitoring and alarm system
  • RS-232 PC interface
  • Applications include monitoring and recording humidity and temperature in a laboratory or clean room, process conditions, freezers, storage areas, or other critical environments.

Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorders Product Description

The Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder can simultaneously display humidity with temperature or dew point, date/time, min/max, alarm status, and percentage of memory remaining. The chart recorder provides a cost effective recording method that eliminates the need for replacement charts and pens. The humidity/temperature chart recorder can store 49,000 temperature and humidity readings(>30 days at 1 minute intervals) with date/time stamp for later transfer to a PC. You can easily jump to previous alarm events. The chart recorder has user programmable recording intervals.

The Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder has user programmable high and low alarm limits that trigger a built in audible alarm. The Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder comes with software that can download, analyze, and store data using Windows platforms. The user can set the vertical and horizontal graphical resolution of the display. The Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder can be used with an optional relay module and illuminated sign for a complete monitoring system. You can mount the Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder to either the wall or on a desk.

The Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder comes complete with a stand, detachable probe with 3ft (1m) cable, software, RS232 cable, 110VAC adaptor and 3 AA batteries. The replaceable probe does not require recalibration.

Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorders Specifications

Relative Humidity Range: 10.0 to 95.0%
Temperature Range: -20.0 to 140.0°F (-28.0 to 60.0°C)
Accuracy: ±3% Relative Humidity; ±1.8°F/±1°C
Power: 3 AA batteries
Dimensions: 5 x 7.7 x 0.9″ (129x195x22mm)
Weight: 12.6oz (357g)

Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorders Options

RH520A Paperless Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder (PN# EEA000)

RH522 Replaceable Humidity/Temperature Probe (PN# EEA100)

SL123/SL124 AC or DC Alarm Relay Module 9 ft (3m) cable (PN# ES1000/ES1500)
(Select AC, SL123, or DC, SL124, when ordering module.)


TFH 610 Handheld Hygrothermometer (PN# 1340-5610)

RH305 Digital Psychrometer Kit (PN# DK1305)
Includes RH300 psychrometer, external temperature probe, 33% and 75% calibration bottles, 2 AAA batteries and carrying case.

RH300 Digital Psychrometer (PN# DK1300)

EBI-20-T1-Set Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Kit
Includes EBI-20-T datalogger, Winlog.basic software, EBI-20 interface, and USB cable. (PN# 1601-0046)


EBI 100-T101 Temperature Data Logger (PN# 1340-650)

WE600 4-20mA Humidity Sensor (PN# EE0000)

WE700 4-20mA Temperature Sensor (PN# EF0000)

WE710 Flat Surface Temperature Sensor (PN# EFA000)