High water indicator and low level water controller



  • Rugged
  • Fully submersible
  • Available with alarm for water or air contact
  • Ideal for water spills, tank failure, pump failure, rising water, and floods

Water Alarm Sensor Product Description

Global Water’s Water Level Alarm Sensor (WA600) is a solid state water sensor for detecting the presence of conductive solutions, such as water spills, water tank levels, and drainage ponds. The water alarm sensor features two stainless steel electrodes that are positioned at a desired point for liquid detection. When fluid is detected, a relay closes in the water level alarm and the signal can be used to sound an audible alarm or close a switch inside a piece of remote monitoring equipment. The relay output is fully isolated and can handle 2 amps of current.

After the water level alarm sensor is in dry conditions, the detection sensor will automatically reset without requiring additional service. The water level alarm is rugged and durable and requires minimal maintenance.

The Water Level Alarm has many uses, including: surface water monitoring, precision level detection, water level control, high water indication, and submersible marine low level indication. The water alarm sensor can be purchased to trigger an alarm upon contact with water or air (please specify when ordering).

Water Alarm Sensor Specifications

Electronics: Solid state, fully encapsulated in epoxy
Electrodes: 304 stainless steel
Cable: 4 wire shielded; 25 ft length (may be extended to 500 ft)
Input Voltage: 12VDC to 36VDC
Current Draw: Continuous 4mA, Active 44 mA
Alarm Output: Isolated relay
Contact Type: Switch closure
Switching Voltage: 100Vdc max
Switching Current: 250 mA max
Carry Current: 400 mA max
Dimensions: 1 inch dia. x 5 inches long (2.5 cm dia. x 13 cm long)
Weight: 6 oz (170 g)

Water Alarm Sensor Options

WA600-W Water Alarm Sensor (PN# AD0000)
Alarm on contact with water.

WA600-A Water Alarm Sensor (PN# ADA000)
Alarm on contact with air.

WQEXC Extra Cable (PN# DH0000)
Standard sensors include 25 ft of cable, but can be purchased with up to 500 ft of cable.


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Suspendible float switch w/slosh shield & 20 ft PVC cable

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