U shaped channel flume specifically designed for monitoring flows in pipes.

Palmer Bowlus Flume Description

The Palmer Bowlus metering flume has been widely used since 1937 for measuring water and wastewater in open channels or pipelines that are not under pressure.  Some of the Palmer Bowlus’ most important characteristics include measurement accuracy, low head loss, minimum flow restriction and ease of installation in pipelines.  The Palmer Bowlus flumes are normally installed in a “U” shaped channel fed by a pipeline such as storm drains and sewers.  This convenient flume requires little redesign or special modification of circular conduits for installation.  The Palmer Bowlus flumes in channel liner are provided in a one piece 4 x D (diameter) configuration in sizes up to 15 inches in diameter.  For more information on monitoring Palmer Bowlus flumes see the FC220, Open Channel Flow Monitor.

Palmer Bowlus Flume Accuracy:
The accuracy of the Palmer Bowlus flumes is comparable to that of Parshall or other types of Venturi flumes.  Research indicates that within the normal range of flows (from under 10% to 90% of flume capacity), measured flow rate is usually within + 3% of theoretical flow rate.

Palmer Bowlus Flume Flow Data

Palmer Bowlus Flume Dimensions


Palmer Bowlus Flume Accessories
Monitor and display total and current flow, datalogging options available.


Parshall flume
Industry standard rectangular flume used to monitor streams and channels.

H flume
Used to monitor free fall outflow from pipes or channels when a Palmer-Bowlus or Parshall Flume will not work.

FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor
Monitor and display total and current flow, datalogging options available.

WL16 Water Level Logger
Record water level and using a depth to flow table convert the data into flow data.

FP111 Flow Probe
Water velocity probe for determining open channel flow.