Digital flowmeters for very low flows



  • Measures very low flows – down to 1 oz/min
  • 6-digit LCD rate and totalizer display
  • User selectable volume and time units
  • Chemical resistant wetted materials

Paddlewheel Flowmeters Product Description

The Micro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters are designed to measure very low flows, down to 1 oz/min, in tubing sizes down to 1/8 inch. The Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter’s chemical resistant wetted materials make it suitable for many chemical feed applications.

The Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter’s easy to read, 6-digit LCD display indicates both rate and total accumulated flow, with user selectable or custom programmable scale factors in units of US gallons, liters, ounces and milliliters. The Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter’s time units are selectable in minutes, hours or days. The Micro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters also feature a volumetric field calibration programming system, which allows the user to fine tune the meter for a particular application. The Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters have a handy open collector alarm output is included for use with an autodialer, PLC or telemetry system.

Micro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter’s rugged sensor body is constructed of chemically resistant PVDF with a clear PVC window to observe the liquid flow past the impeller. The Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters process connections are available in 1/8 inch & 1/4 inch F/NPT, and 1/4 inch OD & 3/8 inch OD tubing sizes.

The Micro-Flo Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters listed below are offered with ¼” NPT(F) or 3/8″ OD connections, a sensor-mounted display and a 115 VAC to 15 VDC power supply. The Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters have a panel mounted (remote) display option with a 25 ft cable is available.

Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters Installation Instructions
1. Mounting location: The meter can be mounted on horizontal or vertical runs of pipe.  The paddle axle must remain horizontal +/-10 .
2. The meter can accurately measure flow from either direction.
3. The meter can only be used with fluids that can pass infra-red light.
4. The meter is designed to withstand outdoor conditions.  A cool, dry location, where the unit can be easily serviced is recommended.
5. LCD is not recommended for direct sunlight applications.

Paddlewheel Flowmeters Specifications

Accuracy: +/- 6% full scale
Body, Paddle, Axle material: PVDF
Connector material: NPT(F) connection: PVC, Tubing connectors: PVDF
Max. Working Pressure
PVC lens: 130 psig (9 bar) @ 70 °F (21 °C)
PVDF lens: 150 psig (10 bar) @ 70 °F (21 °C)
Max. Fluid Temperature
PVC lens, F/NPT connectors: 130 °F (54 °C) @ 0 PSI
PVDF lens, tubing connectors: 200 °F (93 °C) @ 0 PSI
Input Power: 9 – 28 VDC
Sensor type: Infra-red light beam
Sensor output cable: 3-wire shielded cable, 6ft
Enclosure: Valox® PBT, NEMA type 4X (IP56)
Approximate shipping wt: 1 lb. (0.45 kg)
Dimensions: 5×3-1/2×2.22 inch (127x89x56.26 mm)


Paddlewheel Flowmeters Options

FS1-200-5V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD535)
1/8 inch NPT(F) Connection

FS1-300-5V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD570)
1/8 inch NPT(F) Connection

FS1-400-5V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD511)
1/8 inch NPT(F) Connection

FS1-500-5V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD517)
1/8 inch NPT(F) Connection

FS1-600-5V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD524)
1/8 inch NPT(F) Connection

FS1-100-6V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD610)
3/8 inch OD Tubing Connection

FS1-200-6V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD635)
3/8 inch OD Tubing Connection

FS1-300-6V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD670)
3/8 inch OD Tubing Connection

FS1-400-6V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD611)
3/8 inch OD Tubing Connection

FS1-500-6V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD617)
3/8 inch OD Tubing Connection

FS1-600-6V Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeters (PN# BWD624)
3/8 inch OD Tubing Connection


F1000 Paddlewheel Flowmeter
Inline digital paddlewheel flowmeters for use with mildly corrosive liquids.


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