Monitor and Record Stormwater or Industrial Discharge Flow



  • Ideal for wastewater, industrial, and environmental flow sampling
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Rugged construction for harsh environments
  • Supports several different types of flow calculation modes
  • Scalable flow proportional sample triggering
  • Adjustable and repeatable sample volume
  • Peristaltic pump prevents sample contamination
  • Flow Data Recorder is Windows and PDA compatible
  • Easy to use programming system
  • The easiest and most reliable method for collecting water samples

Flow Sampling System Product Description

Global Water’s Flow Sampling System is a unique water monitoring package.  This package includes an easy-to-use lightweight composite water sampler, an open channel flow monitor, and a data recorder that includes software, allowing easy upload of data to a laptop, desktop, or PDA for transfer to spreadsheet programs.  For more information on supported PDAs click HERE.  This compact package is portable for field installation and fully customizable to meet your monitoring needs.

Composite Water Sampler
Global Water’s flow-proportional composite water sampler is enclosed in a rugged, rainproof, lockable carrying container.  The composite water sampler includes a 2-gallon polyethylene wastewater sample bottle for collecting composite samples, a peristaltic sampling pump, a control panel (no programming required), and a rechargeable gel cell battery.  Also provided is a sample pickup hose and a battery charger.  Optional additions include glass sample bottles, refrigerated containers, portable ice containers and more.  Visit the WS700 Composite Sampler page for more information on the flow proportional composite water sampler.

Open Channel Flow Monitor
Global Water’s FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor is a reliable and accurate instrument for measuring and totalizing open channel flows for all flumes and weirs, as well as for any gravity-type open-channel flow application.  The flow meter measures water depth using any 4-20mA water level sensor’s output including Global Water’s highly accurate submersible pressure transducer or ultrasonic water level sensor and the flow meter’s powerful microprocessor instantly calculates and displays water flow and totalizer values in user selectable units using one of several water flow calculation modes.  The Open Channel Flow Monitors have an 8-button keypad that easily guides you through the versatile setup menus.  Visit the FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor page for more information.

Flow Data Recorder
Global Water’s flow data recorder includes Windows-based and PDA software, which provides many useful features, such as real time monitoring, measurement interval and engineering unit selections, station ID, and sensor calibration.  The Global Water Software makes accessing stored data and setting options easy.  The flow sampling system monitors both flow rate and total flow recording flow rate and relay output pulses for your records.  Data downloaded from the recorder can easily be opened in any PC spreadsheet program for analysis and graphic presentation.  Visit the GL500 Datalogger page for more information.  NOTE: Model FSS100 flow sampling system does not include datalogger.

Bluetooth Capability
The AK1500 Bluetooth Adaptor was designed to eliminate the need for custom PDA cables to communicate between your PDA and the flow sampling system’s data recorder.  The adaptor connects to the FSS300 flow sampling system’s data recorder serial port using the same interface cable provided with the software-cable kit.  The interface operates from a single 9 volt battery and is turned on automatically when the cable connects the flow sampling system and Bluetooth adapter.  Because the Bluetooth module consumes power when turned on, it is recommended that the cable be disconnected from the flow sampling system when not in use.  A red LED shows the power status and is on continuously while the adaptor is plugged into the flow sampling system.  There is also a blue LED that shows the status of the Bluetooth connection.

Flow Sampling System Specifications

Flow Sampling System Composite Water Sampler
Sample Size: 15 composite sample sizes from 50ml to 2 liters plus a Full Bottle discrete setting (Approximate sizes at 4 foot head)
Operating Temperature: 32° to +158°F (0° to +70°C)
Enclosure: Expanded UV protected PVC
Bottle: 2.5 gallon Polyethylene
Pickup Hose: 15 ft (4.6 m) reinforced PVC 1/4 inch ID polyethylene flexible tubing section with intake strainer
Pump Tubing: Norprene 1/4 inch ID, 7/16 inch OD
Sample Pump:
Flow Rate: 1000 ml per minute at a 4 foot head
Type: Peristaltic
Maximum Lift: ~20 feet (6 m)
Battery: Rechargeable 12V 5 AH Gel Cell
Battery Life: ~1 hour, continuous pumping under load
Standby: 3 months while still retaining enough power to run the pump to capacity

Flow Sampling System Open Channel Flow Monitor
Display/Keypad: 16 character x 2 line LCD backlit, 8-button tactile keypad
Flow: 7 digit maximum
Totalizer: 9 digit maximum
Level: 5 digit maximum
Display Resolution: 3 decimal places maximum, Auto-adjusting
Accuracy: Sensor accuracy + equation/table error + 0.1% + 1 digit
Level: Feet, inches, meters, centimeters
Volume: Cubic feet, gallons, million gallons, cubic meters, liters
Time: Seconds, minutes, hours, days
Flow: 20 Combinations of volume and time units above
Level Sensor Input: 4-20mA 2-Wire or 3-wire, 0-5VDC, 0-1VDC
Output: One 4-20mA scalable, 4 independent SPDT relays (8A @ 250VAC, 5A @ 30VDC resistive)
Power: 12VDC or 18-24VDC Input, +/-10%
Current Draw: 150mA Maximum, <13mA in Power Saving Mode

Equation Formats
Manning’s equation for round pipes
Manning’s equation for rectangular pipes
Standard flow equation: Q=A*(B+Ch)D
3rd order polynomial: Q=A+Bh+Ch2+Dh3

Pre-defined Tables
Parshall: 1″, 2″, 3″, 6″, 9″, 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″
Palmer-Bowlus (4D): 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″
H: 0.4HS, 0.6HS, 0.5H, 0.75H, 1.0H, 1.5H, 2.0H
Trapezoidal: 60°
V-notch: 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°
Rectangular: 1′, 2′, 3′
Cipolletti: 1′, 1.5′, 2′, 3′, 4′
NOTE: Table values are calculated based on specific flow equations.
Custom Look-Up Table: One, Factory programmable only, You must provide Global Water with a depth to flow equation or look up table at time of order.  Please allow for longer lead times.

Flow Sampling System Datalogger
NOTE: FSS100 does not include datalogger
Memory: Non-volatile flash memory
Power: 12VDC rechargeable battery
Standby Current: 70uA Typical
Logging Current: 5mA Typical
Analog Sensor Inputs: 4-20mA
Resolution: 12-Bit, 4096 Steps
Sensor Warm-up Time: Programmable, 0-60 Sec
FSS200: Flow rate + relay state + battery voltage monitor
FSS300: 5 Input channels + flow rate + relay state + battery voltage monitor
Digital Inputs:
Maximum Input Voltage: 24VDC
Maximum Frequency: 100Hz
Minimum Pulse Width: 2mS
Maximum Count: 65,535 (16-Bit)
FSS200: None
FSS300: 2
Sample Now Input: Sample-on-Demand input, software enabled (FSS300 only)
Maximum Input Voltage: 24VDC
Minimum Pulse Width: 2mS
Sample Modes:
     Fixed Interval Programmable from 1 Sec. to >1 Year
     High Speed 10 Samples per second
     Logarithmic Sample Rate (Approximation)
     Exception (Log only on deviation from previous reading)
Storage Capacity:
FSS200: 81,759 Recordings for all inputs plus time stamp
FSS300: 40,879 Recordings for all inputs plus time
Data Overwrite: Select memory wrap or unwrap (unwrap will stop logging data once memory is full)
Communication Ports:
FSS200: USB Type B connector
FSS300: RS-232 DB9 or USB Type B
Selectable Baud Rates: 9600, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200
Clock: Synchronizes to the time and date of user’s computer
Operating Temperature: Industrial, -40 to +185°F (-40 to +85°C) (Battery may not apply)

Data Logger Software
Compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, and 7
Windows and Excel are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation
Tabular Display/Printout
Data in standard spreadsheet format (.CSV)
Programmable alarm start and stop times
Field calibration software and help files included

Enclosure: 22x17x9 inch (56x43x23 cm) (HxWxD)
Weight: 22lb (10 kg)

Flow Sampling System Options

FSS100 Flow Sampling System (PN# BRA100)
Includes flow-proportional WS700 composite water sampler and FC220 open channel flow monitor.  NOTE: Does not include water level sensor or datalogger.

FSS200 Flow Sampling System Lite (PN# BRB100)
Includes flow-proportional WS700 composite water sampler, FC220 open channel flow monitor, and internal GL500U-2-1 USB flow data recorder.  NOTE: Does not include water level sensor.

FSS300 Integrated Flow Sampling System (PN# BRC100)
Includes flow-proportional WS700 composite water sampler with built in FC220 open channel flow monitor and external GL500-7-2 flow data recorder.  NOTE: Does not include water level sensor.

FSS-CUST Customized Flow Sampling System
Build your flow sampling system with a special combination of sampler, flow monitor, and data recorder.


WL400 Open Channel Flow Sensor
When ordering, specify open channel flow sensor water level range (the maximum water level change for your application (this is not necessarily the total depth of water): 0-3, 0-15, 0-30, 0-60, 0-120, 0-250, 0-500 ft.  Selecting the smallest water level range possible will ensure the greatest accuracy.  Includes 25 feet of cable.

FL400 Sewer Open Channel Flow Sensor (PN# AIJ000)
Heavy, streamlined open channel flow sensor for sewer flow monitoring.  0-3 ft water level range.  Includes 25 feet of cable.

WLEXE  Vented Open Channel Flow Sensor Cable
Cable length is measured from end of cable to bottom of open channel flow sensor.  Up to 1000 feet of extra cable can be added at the factory.

WL450 High Accuracy Submersible Water Level Transmitters

WL705 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor
Specify Water Level Range: 3, 12, or 48 ft.  Includes 6 ft cable.

Extra Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Sensor Cable (PN# 01-842)
Standard ultrasonic open channel flow sensors include 6 ft of cable, but can be purchased with up to 500 ft of cable.


Bluetooth External Adapter (PN# AK1500)
NOTE: For use with FSS300 Sampling System only.

Bluetooth External Adapter

GL500-Mod Modem and adapter cable (PN# FQ0500)
NOTE: For use with FSS300 Sampling System only.


FL16 Water Flow Logger
The Water Flow Logger revolutionizes flow data collection for applications such as inflow & infiltration studies, stormwater and wastewater collection systems, open channels and a host of other gravity flow systems.

FP111 Flow Probe
Water velocity probe for determining open channel flow.

WQS Water Quality Sampling System
Includes triggered composite water sampler, process controller, and data recorder.  (NOTE: Water quality sensor not included.)