Easy to install dialers for notification of emergency conditions



  • Records your own voice message for each alarm input
  • Calls up to eight numbers in any combination of telephones or pagers
  • Sends voice message to phones or numeric code to pagers
  • Easy to install and program
  • Non-volatile memory protects program against power failures
  • Programmable exit and entry delay
  • Internal 9V battery backup (AD200-1)
  • Three-year limited warranty

Voice Alarm Autodialers Product Description

The Global Water AD200 Voice Alarm Autodialers provide cost-effective notification of emergency conditions such as high water levels, equipment failures, and security breaches. The AD200-4 Voice Alarm Autodialers accept 4 alarm inputs and will store and dial up to eight numbers, including numbers for standard (voice) phones, most cell phones, and pagers. For single alarm applications, the low-cost AD200-1 Voice Alarm Autodialers accept one alarm input and will dial up to four phone and pager numbers. When either model senses an alarm, it begins to dial out, sending your own pre-recorded alarm messages – voice messages to your phone list and numeric codes to your pager list.

The AD200 Voice Alarm Autodialers are easy to program via the on-board keypad, LCD display, and built-in speaker.  Any NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) contact or low voltage pulse may be used to trigger the voice alarm autodialers, including float switches, door switches, water sensors, and motion detectors.  The AD200-1 Voice Alarm Autodialers include provision for backup power via a standard 9 volt battery.  For the AD200-4 Voice Alarm Autodialers, we offer an optional auto-charge battery pack that will maintain operation for up to 24 hours in the event of an extended power failure.  Both models include an AC adapter for normal operation.

Voice Alarm Autodialers Specifications

Number of Inputs:
     AD200-4: Four
     AD200-1: One
Activation Dry contact: NO or NC, momentary or continuous
Voltage: 0 to +V (NC) or +V to 0 (NO), 5-28 VDC
Phone Number Storage:
     AD200-4: Up to 8
     AD200-1: Up to 4
Maximum Digits: 28 (including up to 10 pauses)
Power: 9-18 VDC (AC adapter included)
Battery Backup:
     AD200-4: original battery pack
     AD200-1: 9 VDC battery (not included)
Enclosure: 6x4x1.5 inch (15.2×10.2×3.8 cm), indoor
Weight: 0.8 lb (0.4 kg)

Voice Alarm Autodialers Options

AD200-1 Voice Alarm Autodialers (PN# FA0100)
Voice alarm autodialers include one input and four phone/pager numbers.

AD200-4 Voice Alarm Autodialers (PN# FA0200)
Voice alarm autodialers include four inputs and eight phone/pager numbers.


AD200-Bkup Backup power pack for AD200-4 (PN# 01-486)

AD200-AC Extra AC Adapter (PN# 01-485)

AD200-DS Door switch, heavy duty magnetic (PN# 01-489)

AD200-4X Weatherproof enclosure w/battery pack


CVD-2000P Cellular Autodialer (FA0350)
Includes the AD200-4 autodialer, cellular phone, and AC adapter.

WA100 Liquid Level Float Switch (AXF000)
Suspendable float switch w/slosh shield & 20 FT PVC cable.

CL500 Online Chlorine Analyzers (DN1000)

FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor

PC320 Process Controller