Records Flow, pH, Level, or any Analog or Temperature Value.



  • Easy to install and program
  • Large easy to read LED display saves setup time and shows process value
  • Slim/trim housing reduces your panel depth and may be wall mounted
  • Wide range of power operation
  • Many standard input selections, time rotations and features

Circular Chart Recorders Product Description

The MRC 5000 is a digital circular chart recorder capable of measuring, recording and controlling (optional) up to two process variables from a variety of inputs. Designed with the latest innovations in recording technology, enclosures and functionality, the digital circular chart recorders are slim, trim and simple. Finding a place to install this digital circular chart recorder is easy, with its compact panel depth and short protrusion from the front panel. The digital circular chart recorder’s mode switch, located next to the large red LED display, provides two functions. When in the PROG/CAL/TEST position, the digital circular chart recorder provides access to program parameters, calibration facilities and test functions. Digital circular chart recorder options are matrix selectable and are shipped with default settings.

The versatile MRC 5000 digital circular chart recorder accepts 4-20mA or 20-4mA inputs as well as mVDC, VDC, thermocouple and RTD inputs. Changes in input type are easily programmed in the digital circular chart recorder in the field. With the digital circular chart recorder’s universal power supply (90-264VAC line voltage at 50-60Hz), the MRC 5000 can be installed just about anywhere.

Each MRC 5000 digital circular chart recorder ships with a box of 100, 0-100/24 hour,10″ charts.  Choose from the digital circular chart recorder models and features listed below or call us for optional equipment including: controller version, NEMA 4 case, RS485 communications port and different chart ranges.

Circular Chart Recorders Specifications

Functionality: Record only or high/low limit and record/control, depending on model
Display: 4 digit; 0.56″ high, red, 7-segment LED w/3-button keypad
LED Indicators: four red alarm status; one green pen 2 indicator
Chart: 10″ circular chart
Chart Drive: DC Stepper Motor
Chart Rotation: User-configurable: 8, 12, 24 or 48 hrs or 7-days
Chart Range: Bottom and top of span -9999 to 9999 units
Pen Type: One or two disposable fiber tip pen(s)
Pen Color: Pen 1 (red); Pen 2 (green)
Memory Backup: Non-volatile EEPROM
Enclosure: Injection molded Noryl case; acrylic window
Operating Temp: 32 to 122 °F (0 to 50 °C)
Storage Temp: -40 to 149 °F (-40 to 65 °C)
Control Outputs: SPDT relay, 5A resistive at 115VAC
Alarm Outputs: Process high or low; up to two process alarms for each of two inputs
DC Milliamps: 0-20mA; 4-20mA; internal 4.7ohm shunt resistor.
Thermocouple: J, K, T, R, S.
RTD: 100 ohm, platinum; 0.00385 ohms/ohm/°C
Volts: 0-10 VDC
DC Millivolts: 0-25mV, 0 to 50mV; 10-50mV, 0-5V and 1-5V
RTD Excitation: 150 microamps, typical
Isolation: Inputs are a common ground signal
Chart Accuracy: Recording: 0.5% of chart span
Chart Rotation: 0.5% of rotation time
Communications: RS-485 serial, MODBUS RTU protocol
Approvals: CE, UL, CSA, FM, ISO 9002 registered
Dimensions: 14″ (356mm)W x 14″ (356mm)H x 3.8″ (97mm)D
Panel depth: 2.5″ (64mm); panel protrusion: 1.3″ (33mm)
Weight: 15 lbs (6.8kg)

Circular Chart Recorders Options

Circular Chart Recorder (PN# FX5010)
Circular chart recorder includes one pen input and no relay outputs with a Nema 3 case.

Circular Chart Recorder (PN# FX5020)
Circular chart recorder includes two pen inputs and no relay outputs with a Nema 3 case.

Circular Chart Recorder (PN# FX5011)
Circular chart recorder includes one pen inputs and one relay outputs with a Nema 3 case.

Circular Chart Recorder (PN# FX5021)
Circular chart recorder includes two pen inputs and two relay outputs with a Nema 3 case.


CP410 Red Circular Chart Recorder Pen (PN# 01-943)
Pen for input 1, 5 chart paper pens per pack.

CP411 Green Circular Chart Recorder Pen (PN# 01-944)
Pen for input 2, 5 chart paper pens per pack.




GL500-2-1 Datalogger (FR0000)
Specify Serial or USB version when ordering.  Features 2 analog channels and 1 pulse channel.  Includes two internal 9V batteries, Windows-based Global Water Datalogger Software, and PDA software for the CE and Mobile operating systems.

GL500-7-2 Multichannel Data Logger (FQ0000)
Features 7 analog channels and 2 pulse channels, USB and serial communication port, and includes software and cables.  Requires an external 12 VDC power source.

WQ Water Quality Sensors

CL500 Online Chlorine AnalyzerS (DN1000)