An Overview
Global Water has developed several automatic water sampler products to meet our clients’ needs.  As one of our flagship product areas, we have devoted a great deal of research to developing a group of automatic water samplers that are simple to operate, rugged, and reliable.  We offer three main categories of portable samplers: storm water samplers, portable wastewater samplers, and handheld peristaltic pumps.  These automatic water samplers are discussed further below.

Wastewater Portable Samplers
The WS700 Wastewater Portable Sampler is our standard wastewater portable sampler.  The unit takes a time weighted or flow proportional composite sample in a 2.5 gallon bottle.  Wastewater portable sampler s have configurable sample size and time interval knobs on the control panel.  Wastewater portable sampler s can also be triggered from an external source such as a flow meter.  Several cooling options for the wastewater portable sampler s are available including a refrigerated unit, ice bag, and mobile cooler.

Storm Water Portable Samplers
Global Water offers a storm water kit with its automatic water sampler products.  The WS700 Automatic Storm Water Portable Samplers are easily movable samplers that can be triggered with a rainfall event, by a rise in water level, or flow meter.  The Automatic Storm Water Portable Samplers can take a single grab sample or multiple samples in a 2.5 gallon bottle and includes an overflow cutoff switch to prevent spillage.  The WS750 Automatic Storm Water Portable Samplers have two independent sample bottles.  This automatic water sampler can have each bottle setup for either a discrete sample or composite sample.  This allows you to set the automatic water samplers to take two independent discrete samples, two independent composite samples, or one composite and one discrete sample.  The composite sample size and time between water samples are configurable on the automatic water sampler’s control panel.

Portable Handheld Peristaltic Pumps
Global Water offers two portable handheld samplers.  One is the single speed pump SP100, which includes an internal rechargeable battery.  This unit is reversible and comes with a sampling hose and strainer.  The second version is the variable speed pump SP200, which can sample up to 500 mL of water per minute at four feet of head.  The motor is reversible and can backflush the sample hose at the sample speed.  This unit comes with a battery cable that can connect to a standard external 12 volt battery.