Easy to use wind speed alarm controller for cranes, fountains, etc…



  • Rugged
  • Dual set point alarms
  • Dual warning lights
  • Ideal for monitoring wind conditions for cranes, water fountains, and other wind sensitive applications

Wind Alarm Controller Product Description

The dual set point Wind Alarm Controller provides both warning for and control of wind-sensitive equipment, cranes, water fountains, etc… Can be used to alert you to high or low wind speeds and can be factory calibrated in MPH, km/h or Knots.

To operate the wind alarm controller, set the thumb-wheel switches to your desired levels. When wind speed achieves or exceeds the first wind speed alarm control setting for 3 seconds, a yellow warning light illuminates and one internal SPDT relay activates. When the wind speed achieves or exceeds the second wind speed alarm control setting for 3 seconds, a red light illuminates, a 90dB piezo buzzer sounds, and the second internal SPDT relay is activated.

The Wind Alarm Controller is housed in a 6.3″H x 4.72″W x 3.29″D weathertight polycarbonate case and utilizes a non micro-processor circuit to minimize occurrence of latch-up. It is accurate to +/- 2 MPH and operates on 12 volts DC, with an AC adaptor available as an option.

Wind Alarm Controller Specifications

Accuracy: + 2 MPH
LED Window: 2 digits, 1×1 inch window
Cup Type: 3 cup generator type
Cable: 22 AWG, 2-conductor, Non-PVC jacketed, 60ft included
NOTE: Sensor will operate on up to 500ft of 22 AWG wire.
Input Voltage: 12VDC, AC adaptor available as an option
Alarm Output: 2 SPDT Outputs, Yellow LED, 90dB Piezo Buzzer, Red LED
Dimensions: 6.3×4.72×3.29 inch (16x12x8.4 cm)
Weight: 4.3lbs (2kg)

Wind Alarm Controller Options

AC Option (PN# EC0500)
AC power option for wind alarm controller.


WE550 Wind Speed Sensor

PC320 Wind Speed Alarm and Controller