Earth Control Measures (TSS01)

The TSS01 is a real time wireless Total Suspended Solid Monitoring and Alert System for earth control measures utilising the proven Testech PM051E Remote Logging and Wireless Telemetry RTU.

Web Base Login and Display.

Map display shows TSS reading in real time with color coded level range limit, for each location, showing location where the TSS reading is exceptionally high. Google Map with aerial satellite view and zoom support are also supported.


Model : TSS01

Wireless Communication
Wireless GSM or 3G

PC Interfaces
USB, Ethernet, RS232C, RS485

Power Input
External 7V-35VDCAdaptor/Solar Panel Charger and SLA Battery

30 Phone Number can be assume to each stations.


User Mode: Direct SMS to user Handphone.
Server Mode: Condensed to server runningĀ  TSS-01 SCADA HMI via 3G or GPRS

Battery Back for event timestamp
and Clock/Calendar(> 2 years)

DataLogger Memory
On Board Flash Memory 32KB FRAM, 4MB DataFlash and removable MicroSD up to 2GB.

Other System Available
Manhole Level,Contact Monitoring.
Water Qualites (TSS,PH,DO etc)
Weather Stations
TOC/VOC Monitoring
Extenral Logger Interfaces.

Automated SMS Alert

Selectable Alarm Level Alert for each station allows server to automatically send SMS alert to user setup mobile phone number

Real Time Datalog Transmission to Server

Datalog are real time transmitted to server SCADA (WEBMON) using GPRS at up to 1 sec real time streaming interval.

Ease Of Calibration

Calibration in the field is very easy and can be done by only 1 person. Unit can be calibrated without PC.

Interfacing to Industry Standard TSS Meter

Any TSS meter with either analog 4-20mA, 0.5V or PC serial RS232C/RS485/LAN interface can be interface to the PM051E.


Testech WEBMON HMI SCADA for real time display that the customer can view from anywhere in the world using any webclient software. In addition Web Graphics, Graphic Zooming, Data Export to Excel Format are supported.

Real Time Video

Graphic Plot as well as real Time Wireless Streaming Video are shown on the web login pages.


For more information contact us including any custom build requirements. We welcome customisation inquiry that interface the WLS01 to other type of sensor for water quality measurement such as PH, Dissolve Oxygen, Turbidity, Temperature, RH etc. Rain Gauge measurement are available on another units. Contact us for any customisation request.