These sensor interface readily to PM052/PM25 for SMS Alert/Logging and Web Access Monitoring.

TEMP/RH Transmitter

Electrical connections: screw terminalvoltage supply: 15 … 36V DCmax. load  :RL< 500 Ohm0 … 100% relative humidity output:4…20 mA
0°C … 50°C temperature output:
4…20 mA (FTFR-I)
power consumption:
max. 40mA (FTFR-I)

Smoke Fire Alarm
(Relay Output)

Optical Smoke Detector
Built in Algo to prevent false alarm
Latch Relay Output
Power: 8.5V – 33VDC

HVAC AirFlow/Temp

KIMO Temp. and Air Velocity Transmitter
Model: CTV100-A-N-A-300
Power Supply: 24Vac/Vdc
Output: 4-20m A
Display: without display
Probe: duct mount
Length:  300mm