Model : SA020
Satellite Modem
Iridium 9602 Short Burst Data

Ublox Supersense GPS Maintain Time/Locations.

Inputs and Outputs
6 Protected Dry Contact Input 2 Transistor Output (1.7A each)
2 Analog Input (0-5V/4-20mA/0-25mA)

Power Input
20Watt Solar Panel
33AH 12V SLA Battery
6A Solar Charger with Low Battery Cut Out.

DC Voltage Out
Power Manage switched DC Output.

External Serial Interface
RS232C or RS485 for Sensor or Meter Interfacing such as Energy Meter, Flow Transmitter, Gas Transmitter, Analyzers.

300mmW x 550mmH x 220mmD (exclude concrete Plint 250mm)


The SA020 is a solar powered low power weather station for  remote data-logging telemetry can be be installed globally in any location with open sky view, such as in area without GSM or un-inhabited location such as mountain and forest. This system has low running cost and suitable for totally unmanned location where the cost or time to access the remote site would be inconvenient or may be too expensive or time consuming.  The system illustrate a Remote Weather Monitoring System that log sensor data at fixed interval. At specified time of the day the compressed data is send to a Internet Mail server. At the customer site, this log data is download from the mail server and display the data/trend on a HMI software using the Testech TSCADA-RG Software.

The Solar Panel provides the power by charging the system storage battery.

The RTU consume very low power and is able to run continuously for 14-16 days in situaton where there is no sunlight for continuously 14-16 days. The System built in solar charger has a low power cutout to prevent excessive discharge.  Other energy harvest including wind power can be accomodated.

Onboard flash memory will log real time data that will be transmitted to the base station. Real Time Log data stores up to 60 days of data. Optional 16MBYTE of non volatile flash main loger memory can be requested. The data will be send daily at preset fixed time. In addition, adhoc data base on user specified date range can be requested remotely. The preset transmission time can also be remotely changed.

This system uses low cost Satellite Short Burst Data Subscription plan from Iridium and is therefore has low running cost and is therefore very suitable for remote data telemetry.

The system can be deployed anywhere globally and in remote areas where there is Radio/Phone Network coverage with an open sky view


The SA020 optimized the short burst data length to minimize the transmission cost. Typically data are send once a day (assuming hourly log). Built in GPS allows the Telemetry to report location and keeps the RTC accurate to GPS Accuracy. Hence the log data timestamp is always accurate to less than 1sec (typical 100msec).

Driverless USB Interface And Firmware Update

SA020 has  native USB High Speed Interface. No RS232C is required.

OS support including WIN2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 32bit/64bit. Software RTU setup is free.  Firmware update can be done via the USB in the field.

Remote Configure and Log Request

SA020 supports bidirectional communication via satellite. The server can remotely request logdata on adhoc basis with user specified date range. In addition user can send remote configuration command from the base station including changing the transmission time, deletely all previous command, clear output send queue etc. To prevent excessive logdata and associated cost, a default 10 adhoc command is allow per day.


SA020  RTU can be easily setup via USB link to any PC running a RTU Setup Program (free) . Login account are supported with name + password.  No Serial Comm Port or Driver is required. Setup configuration are stored in nonvolatile flash. Datalog can be uploaded and plotted on PC

Firmware update are supported for field upgrade..


The TSCADA HMI display the log data in real time Table Grid Display, as well as graphical trend or Bar Chart. The scale of the chart can be change on the fly. Data (Table and Graph) can be exported to CSV, TEXT, XLS, as well as PDF For Graph Report.

Graph can be plot on hourly, daily, monthly basis and export to pdf.

A free standalone viewer utility that decode the weather data from SBD attachment can be run on any PC, allowing export to csv and text format

This viewing allows remote user to simply view the log data in user readable text without installing the SCADA software.

Flexible Export and Archieval of Data

The PM020RG with the Tscad-RG provide a totally integreated method to ease exporting and archieval of datalog to suite customer requirements.
a) All Log are store in SQL Database.
b) All Log can be exported to CSV, Excel XLS or Text format.
c) Download data from the field using the PM020 RTU Setup Program can be sync into the database directly
d) Each Burst Datalog in raw format can be individually archieval at user selected file location