The PM035 is a extremely Low Power Logger/Telemetry unit designed to operate external power or self power for up to 5 Years * (SMS Alert only for float switch application) self powered operation.

This telemetry unit has built in LTE modem CAT1 and 50 Channel GPS for timing and tracking. Built in logger memory (32MBYTE non volatile flash memory) and a FAT32 file systems MicroSD (4GB).

Unit can be power external from 7VDC to 28VDC. Cable connector are IP67 rated.

PM035 supports 2 channel of analog input with 16bit ADC resolutions, and 6 channel of digital input (include 2 counting channel) for float switch alert application or rainguage and pulse counting input application.

Built In Battery Backed RealTime Clock/Calender.

All Event are date and time stamps to record the actual time of alarm. RealTime Clock/Calender has its own Lithium Battery Power Source for at least 10 years of Clock Calender and Alarm Functions. The battery is independent of the primary battery for the entire unit.

Measurement Input

Analog Input: 2 Channel, Singled Ended, 4-20mA ot 0 – 5V input.

Digital Input: 6 Channel, Singled Ended Dry contact or digital 0 – 5V

Counter Input: 2 Channel (shared with Digital Input)

Large DataLog Memory (Up to 4 GB)

Onboard Solid State Flash Memory provides 32MBYTE of Datalog memory that is not affected by battery. MicroSD is equipped with 4GB of FAT32 FileSystems Logger Memory.

Interfacing to External Equipments and Sensors

Customisation are welcome to interface the logger telemetry to external sensors including:

Testech SG-24 24 Bottles Fixed Aqueous AutoSampler, or SG-9624 portable 24 Bottles AutoSampler.

Testech TT-100 Digital Water Level Sensors (0 – 6 Meters, +/-0.25% for Level Sensing)

Float Switch for discrete Level Sensing.

Testech PID900 Fixed VOC Sensor.

Xylem Global Water RainGauge, Level Sensors (4-20mA), PH, ORP, DO.

Insitu Water Level MultiParameter probes (PH, Level, DO)

Others: Customer specified Digital Sensors for Water and Weathers Sensors.

SMS Alert

Standard Model is flash for SMS Alert (Hi Alarm, HiHi Alarm, or Lo Alarm).

Number of Phone Supported

20 SMS Phone Numbers

External Serial / Ethernet Interface

RS232C x 2

RS485 x 1

Ethernet Option (for RS232C x 1 model) for TCP/IP

OEM Customisation

OEM Customisation is possible, with customer logo.

Contact us for free consultation for your custom projects.

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