Model : PM020-AutoSampler

GSM Modem: Enfora

Optional GSM Module

GSM Modem:

Enfora Quad Band GSM/GPRS Class 10

Inputs and Outputs:
2 x Opto Isolated Input
4 x Dry Contact Input
2 Transistor Output (1.7A each)
2 Analog Input (0-5V/4-20mA/0-25mA)

Optional: Rain Gauge Input to log and send RainFall hourly Data to Tscada Windows Software

Power Input: External 12V to  28VDC

External Serial Interface

RS232C or RS485 for Sensor or Meter Interfacing such as Energy Meter, Flow Transmitter, Gas Transmitter, Analyzers.

Dimension: 110mmL x 91mmW x 37.5mm H


The PM020-AutoSampler  is a extremely low power SMS alert Unit designed to work with autosampler for up to 5000 Hours standby (base on 12V 5AH Battery). The unit can be power from the Portable AutoSampler internal battery, or can be powered separately via external power. This unit is designed for SMS alert operation for event triggered operation such as Sampler Run and End Of Program Output. Optionally one channel can be connected to external raingauge to log rainfall data and send the data every day to a central monitoring system.
The RTU will wakesup only upon event trigger (Sampler Run, Program End) and send us SMS. Upon successful sending of SMS (or timeout) the RTU will immediately power down to save battery.
Customised Enclosure is  possible to IP67.

The Standard Model PM020 has a FCC/CE approved Quad Band GSM/GPRS Modules (class 10). GPRS can operate as client (remote terminal) or as a GPRS Server (customed firmware).

Driverless USB Interface

PM020-AutoSampler was redesign with native USB High Speed Interface with an embedded USB Device Stacks for HID. No RS232C is required.
This is driverless and will runs on any newer PC Operating Systems that will have HID Interface including XP, Vista, WIndows 7 (64bit / 32 bit)

FCC/CE Certified GSM/GPRS Modules

PM020-AutoSampler incorporates Enfora Enabler III FCC/CE Certified GSM Data Modem that is optimised for M2M Applications

Built In Battery Backed RealTime Clock/Calender

All Event are date and time stamps to record the actual time of alarm. RealTime Clock/Calender has its own Lithium Battery Power Source for at least 10 years of Clock Calender and Alarm Functions. The battery is independent of the primary battery for the entire unit.


Optional Onboard Solid State Flash Memory provides 1MBYTE of Datalog memory that is not affected by battery.

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