Testech Electronics has been established in 1990 designing embedded boards, electronic control boards, signal conditioner and interface board as well as SCADA Software and Remote Monitor Sotware. Todate we have deployed succcessfully many integrated system installation and commission in the fields, from Water Level/Flood Monitoring, Water Qualities Monitoring, Waste Water Monitoring, Weather Monitoring using wirelss transmission. Testech has also supplied OEM version of its hardware Telemetry units as well as custom design wireless logging unit to OEM customers.

TSCADA Software

Windows Base Central Monitoring and Logging Software with user friendly GUI, SQL database and Webserver. The server can operate either as a client mode or server mode depends on the suitabel infrastructure and setup of the remote RTU. Data can be view on web client including mobile phone, as real time table and graphic trend, or historic list and historic trend. The data can be exported and downoaded as excel, csv, delimted text or graphic pdf.

Wireless Remote Logger Terminal Unit (GSM/GPRS/3G/WIFI/TCPIP)

Testech design its own integrated logger with built in embedded wireless modules that can be specified for GPRS/3G/SMS, WIFI, RF, Satellite, or Ethernet IP. Sensor can be directly interface to 4-20mA/0-5V or via digital RS232C/ModBus/SDI12. The RTU were designed specificaly for low power, as such it can be power via Solar Panel or self powered via batteries. We are continously developing more advanced models in answer to our customer requests and needs. We do provide custom design solutions and service to suit your remote Monitoring needs in case our standard products does not fit you. Talk to us for a non obligation discussion on how we can help you in your remote monitoring needs.


Consultation, Design, PCB Layout, Firmware and Driver Development, Standalone or Real Time RTOS, Serial Interfacing, Ethernet TCPIP, Interface to wireless modules, IO expansion, Motor Drivers, LCD and Keypad, Encryption, Flash File Systems.
Undertake small volume or prototype development.
Interface Board to standard off the shelve Micocontroller Core Modules.
Windows and Web Development.