Special Tools

Special Tools Vacuum Handling Tool Kit

Vacuum handling tool kit

  • hand-held vacuum SMD picker with straight and bent tips with suction cups
  • easy and reliable tool for handling devices without damaging leads
  • prevents static shock that could damage devices
  • prevents package contamination
  • made from soft ESD-safe conductive silicone
  • usage: squeeze the vacuum bulb, place the suction cup on the part to be picked up, then release your squeeze
  • parts included in the set:
    • 1x vacuum pen
    • 3x rubber cups (small, medium, large – diameter 3, 6, 9 mm)
    • clear plastic carrying case to prevent damage or contamination of the pen and its components
  • Ord. no.: NRU-0083

Special Tools Fiberglass Pen

Fiberglass pen

  • ideal for digging out dirt and oxide layer from the chip legs
  • useable also for cleaning PCB printed circuit boards before soldering
  • not very recommended to use for ZIF sockets cleaning, because very abrasive function can damage tiny contact layer
  • elektrostatic neutral material
  • Ord. no.: NRU-0085

Special Tools PLCC Extractor

PLCC Extractor

  • simple tool for extracting of devices in PLCC sockets
  • Ord. no.: NRU-0002

Special Tools DIL Extractor

DIL Extractor

  • simple tool for extracting of devices in DIL sockets
  • Ord. no.: NRU-0166