Testech has total of 23 years experience in the embedded spaces.

We have experience designing, developing, writing Firmware, System Integration, Windows Server backend Development and total product development. Please contact us if you requires a discussion on how we can help you in coming up with a complete solutions.

Our Expertise:

  • Designing Microcontroller Base Hardware using 32 bit (ARM/Cortex M) and 8 bit Micros (8051/MSP430).
  • Wireless Telemetry, Datalogging, SCADA Solutions.
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Signal Conditioning and Sensor Interfacing
  • Wireless Telemetry (GSM/GPRS, RF, Zigbee, WIFI, Bluetooth)
  • Central Remote Monitoring SCADA and HMI Software.
  • Total System Integration to provide complete Embedded Boards, Firmware
  • RS232C, RS485, TCPIP Ethernet, Wireless via GSM/GPRS, RF,  Zigbee, Bluetooth
  • Real Time RTOS, TCPIP stack, Webserver, File Transfile, Embedded File, Sensor calibration, Large LED Display, interfacing to weighting Scale, Reader.

We welcome Project base System Integration or OEM Product development collaboration.