CSS Mounting Kit

[Screws & Vibration Dampeners]

Mounting Kit

CSS CANedge mounting kit is an easy, flexible and compact solution for installing your CANedge CAN/LIN logger in the field.

Customer can easily mount the flanged CANedge using the regular screws or the vibration dampeners – enabling a quick, yet robust installation.

CSS mounting kit includes screws, lock-nuts and vibration dampeners.

Mounting Kit Key Features
Mounting Kit CANedge2

About the CSS Mounting Kit

CSS CANedge is ideal for long-term logging of CAN/LIN data in the field – often over several weeks, months or years. For such use cases, a secure and robust device installation is critical.

Customer can use the regular screws to install the device against flat surfaces. The half-circle flanges enable quick insertion/removal as you only need to remove the screws on one side of the device.

Short-term installations, you can also consider using zip ties or the 3M velcro strips to install the CANedge.

Mounting Kit CANedge1

Ideal for long-term installations

CSS CANedge is often deployed as a ‘blackbox’ for long-term or permanent installations in vehicles. For such use cases, customer can reduce the impact of vibration by using the vibration dampeners. This also provides basic electrical isolation of the device.

Technical Specifications

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