(CANedge, CANmod)

CSS CANedge mounting bracket is an easy, flexible and compact solution for installing your CANedge CAN/LIN logger in the field.

Customer can easily mount the bracket via e.g. screws or zip ties and your CSS CANedge can be inserted/extracted via the lockable top cover.

There is built-in EVA foam padding helps protect the CSS CANedge against light vibration.

CSS Mounting Bracket Kit includes M4 screws, lock-nuts, zip ties (large & small) and a plastic pouch.

About the CSS Mounting Bracket

CSS CANedge is ideal for long term logging of CAN/LIN data in the field, often over several months/years. For such use cases, a solid device installation is critical.

CSS CANedge mounting bracket can be installed in multiple ways: You can use M4 screws (regular holes, key slots) to install against flat surfaces or zip ties for more non-standard installations. Some customers also install the bracket using e.g. heavy-duty double-sided tape (not included).

Flexible and Practical

To insert or extract the CSS CANedge, you can unscrew the top cover via the lock mechanism on the side. This is useful if you temporarily wish to take out the CSS CANedge.

Basic Protection

The bracket has built-in EVA foam padding on all sides. This helps keep the CSS CANedge in place while adding basic vibration protection. For high vibration use cases, we recommend using anti-vibration screws (not included).

Technical Specifications