CSS DB9-DB9/USB Adapter Cable

Need to log 2 x CAN/LIN data, while powering a 3G/4G USB WiFi router?

DB9-DB9 USB Adapter Cable

With CSS DB9-DB9/USB Adapter Cable, your CANedge2 can power a 3G/4G USB WiFi router via the 2nd port, simplifying field deployments.

The DB9 female connector makes it easy to connect a CANmod sensor module e.g. a CANmod.gps.

You can also use CSS DB9-DB9/USB Adapter Cable to easily log 2 x CAN/LIN channels while powering a USB hotspot.

CANEdge2 3G/4G LTE USB Wifi Router

About the CSS DB9-DB9/USB

CSS CANedge2 provides a configurable 5V power output via the 2nd port. This adapter lets you use this to easily power a 3G/4G USB WiFi router via this 5V output, simplifying cellular deployment use cases.

CSS DB9-DB9/USB provides an open DB9 female connector, making it easy to connect a CANmod sensor-to-CAN module. The cable provides a 5V power supply for the CANmod, while enabling the CAN communication from the CANmod to be recorded by the CANedge2 via the 2nd port.

You can of course easily combine CSS DB9-DB9/USB with DB9-DB9/DB9 Y-splitter to e.g. daisy chain CANmod modules.

Note: The connection to the USB adapter purely provides power and ground for the USB hotspot (the CANedge2 connects to the 3G/4G router via WiFi, not through the cable).

CSS 2 x CAN/LIN telematics

CSS DB9-DB9/USB adapter also makes it easy to power a 3G/4G USB WiFi router, while simultaneously recording 2 x CAN/LIN channels via the CANedge2. By adding a gender changer, you can easily use any of CSS standard adapter cables on both channels of the CANedge2.

Technical Specifications

General Table

Adapter Pinout

Adapter Pinout