Analog, Digital, Pulse To CAN Adapter

This adapter cable splits the CANmod.input DB25 connector pins into 8 separate cables (one per input channel). The cables are split into three wires (ground, positive excitation signal and signal), each isolated with heatshrinked pin headers.

This makes it easy to connect a wide variety of analog, digital or pulse type sensors.

About the CSS DB25-input dapter

CSS DB25 input sensor adapter cable makes it easy to connect up to 8 analog, digital, pulse sensors to the CANmod.input. This makes integration of new sensors plug & play with minimal effort and simplifies the wiring harness.

The adapter cable provides label-stickers on each of the 8 ‘channel cables’ and each of the three open wires of each cable, denoting the positive excitation signal, the ground reference and the signal. It is ideally suited for temporary test installations, but it can also be modified for more permanent field tests.

Technical Specifications

Adapter Pinout