CSS DC to Cigarette Outlet Adapter

Need to power a device via your vehicle’s cigarette lighter?

DC to Cigarette Outlet Adapter

CSS DC male connector and our CSS DB9-to-DB9/DC adaptor, you can easily power e.g. your CSS CANedge/ CSS CLX000 CAN logger via your car’s cigarette lighter (in case your CAN bus does not provide a direct power supply).

It can also be used if you want to log data via a CSS CANCrocodile, powering your installation via your cigarette outlet.

CSS Key Features
CSS Cigarette Adapter

About the CSS Cigarette Adapter

CSS DC male (5.5 ID, 2.1mm CPD) to 12V cigarette outlet adapter can be used to power your CSS CAN logger when no direct power is available through the CAN connector.

CSS cigarette receptacle adapter fits our CSS CANCrocodile adapter and CSS DB9-DC connector. For permanent installations, CSS suggest to directly power the device via the vehicle battery.

Technical Specifications

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