CSS CL1000

USB Interface CANBus Logger

CSS CL1000

The plug & play CL1000 CAN logger records CAN bus data to an 8 GB SD card. The logger is 100% standalone (no PC required) and data is easily extracted via USB.

The CL1000 is ideal for vehicle development and field testing (cars, heavy duty & more).

CL1000 doubles as a powerful reverse engineering tool with live-streaming via USB in SavvyCAN or Wireshark.

Key Features
CSS CL1000

Compact CAN Logger with SD Card

CSS CL1000 lets you log raw CAN data to an 8-32 GB SD Card, standalone with no PC required:

  • Power via CAN connector (<1W power consumption)
  • Auto detect bit rate, no configuration required
  • Log raw CAN data in simple CSV style format
  • Easily extract data from the SD card via USB
  • Configure device via simple CONFIG.INI file
  • Silent mode, filters, transmit lists, cyclic logging
CSS CL1000 Graph

CAN streaming in SavvyCAN

CSS CL1000 can stream raw CAN data via USB to your PC for realtime analysis:

  • Stream raw CAN data in flexible views (filters, traces, …)
  • Send CAN frames into your CAN bus with realtime control
  • Display human, readable form via DBC files (include J1939)
  • Create realtime plots of decoded signals like speed, RPM, …
  • Highlight bit/byte changes per CAN ID via the “sniffer view”
  • Quickly plot “hypothesis signals” for reverse engineering
  • Load CLX000 log files for post processing analysis
CL1000 Software

Free CANvas Software

CANvas lets you easily configure your CL1000 and DBC decode logged CAN data to human readable form.

  • Convert log files with DBC & OBD2 support
  • Merge log files or append to an existing output file
  • Convert log files to ASC (Vector) or TRC (PEAK) format
  • Export output as CSV for e.g. Excel pivots

Technical Specifications

General Table
CANBus Table
DataLogging Table
Supply Table
Mechanical Table