Development Tool for NXP P40 Devices

The development of applications and operating-systems for SmartCard microcontrollers can involve substantial amounts of software. Before the ROM code for a SmartCard design is finally diffused in silicon, it is wise to test the code in its target application using a prototype. The SmartPK-P40 provides this functionality and is available with an ISO7816 SmartCard interface.

After testing and debugging a SmartCard program the designer can download their code to the Ashling SmartPK-P40, and test the code in a fully-functioning Card Reader system; the SmartPK-P40 will behave like the target SmartCard containing the actual ROM-code.


SmartPK-P40 is Ashling’s USB2.0 based real-time prototyping kit:

  • Standalone prototyping which allows
    • application code download to on-board SmartPK-P40 memory
    • battery-backed, standalone operation (i.e. no host PC connection required to the SmartPK-P40)
  • Contact card-reader interfacing
    • full support for Voltage Classes A, B and C

SmartCard Probe Connector



The IN-CLA7816USB-CL1 probe support the following
smartcard interfaces:
– ISO7816 contact-based interface
– USB interface via a USB type B connector

SMARTPK-P40 Software

SmartPK-P40 is controlled via the supplied graphical SMARTPK-P40 software running on the host PC and allows:


– Program download (from host PC to SmartPK-P40 memory)
– P40 EEPROM download/upload
– Viewing of P40 device System Version Information
– Viewing/editing of P40 device Configuration
– Exercising of P40 by sending/receiving APDUs
– SMARTPK-P40 provides full command-line support for scripting and unattended test environments

Order Codes

ProductOrder Code
SmartPK-P40 Prototyping kit for NXP P40 devices. Supplied with Ashling SMARTPK-P40 software.SmartPK-P40
Smart Card Probe with ISO7816 format contacts and USB interfaceIN-CLA7816USB-CL1