Debug Tool for NXP SmartMX3 P71 secure controllers

The development of applications and operating-systems for secure controllerICs can involve substantial amounts of complex software. Debugging target application code executing in real-time in itstarget processor environment is an essential step to efficiently find and fix difficult-to-detect software bugs.

Ashling’s SmartMRK3-EPK debug probe providesNXP secure controllerengineers with a powerful solution to debug code executing on NXP SmartMX3 P71 secure controllerICs. The SmartMRK3-EPKprobe is available with an ISO7816 smartcard format interface connection.

Secure controller engineers can test and debug their application programs using the Ashling SmartMRK3-EPK probe; the SmartMRK3-EPKwill behave like the target secure controller containing the actual ROM-code


SmartMRK3-EPKis Ashling’s USB2.0 based real-time debug probe:

  • Used with NXP Smart Card Composer IDE
    • Debug application code executing in real-time in an NXP SmartMX3P71 device
  • Support for all SmartMX3 P71 family devices
    • NXP SMD IC device ensures accurate P71 emulation from both a hardware and software perspective
  • Contact and contactless card-reader interfacing
    • Supports Voltage Classes A, B and C
    • Standalone battery-backed operation

Smart Card Probe Connectors


The IN-CLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2probes support the following smartcard interface:

  • SO7816 contact-based (located on the component side)
  • Contactless via and an antenna located on the solder side
    • The -CL1 Adapter has a full-sized antenna
    • The -CL2 Adapter has a half-sized antenna
  • USB interface via a USB type B connector

Order Codes

ProductOrder Code
SmartMRK3-EPKDebug Probe for NXPSmartMX3 P71 secure controller family of devicesSmartMRK3-EPK
Contact and contactless smart card format connector with ISO7816 contacts and USB interface: full sized antennaIN-CLA7816USB-CL1
Contact and contactless smart card format connector with ISO7816 contacts and USB interface: half sized antennaIN-CLA7816USB-CL2