Development Tool for NXP SmartMX Devices

Ashling provides a range of tools designed to allow debugging, program-execution analysis, optimisation and validation of applications running on NXP’s SmartMX2 contact and contactless secure controllersincludingsupport forlatest SmartMX2 P60 Step Up! secure microcontroller

Ashling tools for SmartMX2 include:

  • SmartICE hardware: emulatoravailable in three hardware configurations
  • SmartICE software: PathFinder source-level debugger anddriver plug-in for Keil Vision4debugger
  • Real Time Performance Analysis Toolto monitor software execution in real time non-intrusively
  • Full suite of run-time control features (program download, execute/halt/step, breakpoints, memory/register access, symbolic program variables access) and comprehensive source debugging capabilities.
  • Contact/contactless card-reader interfacing with full support for Voltage Classes A, B and C
  • Code-coverage to identify untested/tested code: viewed in C source, function level and module level, and assembly instruction level.
  • Real-time trace for code execution and data access.
  • Function Trace for high level function tracing
  • Powerful trigger and filter mechanisms to trap complex bugs, difficult to solve without real-time tracing tools.
  • Real Time Performance Analysis

SmartICE is controlledvia USB2.0from the host PCusing either PathFinder or Keil Vision4debuggers.

SmartICE Products


Smart Card Probe Connectors


The IN-CLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2probes support the following smartcard interface:

  • SO7816 contact-based (located on the component side)
  • Contactless via and an antenna located on the solder side
    • The -CL1 Adapter has a full-sized antenna
    • The -CL2 Adapter has a half-sized antenna
  • USB interface via a USB type B connector

The IN-GSM is an INCLA adapter probe for SIM format connection.It connects directly to the 15-pin D-type socket (SmartCardI/F) located on the front-panel of the SmartICE system.

SmartICE adapters

The SmartICE main system connects to the target via a 15-pin D-type female socket (SmartCardI/F) located on the front-panel.

A variety of optional probes and adapters connect to this SmartCard Interface socket via a 15-way ribbon cable.

The table on the left lists the available probes and adapters.Images for each are shown above and below.

Order Codes

ProductOrder Code
SmartICE-XPK High-end emulator including trace & code-coverage for NXP SmartMX2 (P60) or SmartMX (P5) device – supplied with Ashling PathFinder debugger andKeil ?Vision4 driversSmartICE-XPK-P60
SmartICE-EPK Entry-level emulator with run-time control for NXP SmartMX2 (P60) or SmartMX (P5) devices – supplied with Ashling PathFinder debugger and Keil ?Vision4 driversSmartICE-EPK-P60
SmartICE-PK Prototyping kit with support for program download, storage and execution for NXP SmartMX2 (P60) or SmartMX (P5) devices – supplied with Ashling PKSC softwareSmartICE-PK-P60
SmartICE P60 adapter – converts an existing P5 unit to a P60AD-SmartICE-P60
SmartICE P5 adapter – converts an existing P60 unit to a P5AD-SmartICE-P5
Smart Card Probe with ISO7816 format contacts, contactless antenna and USB (full-size)IN-CLA7816USB-CL1
Smart Card Probe with ISO7816 format contacts, contactless antenna and USB (half size)IN-CLA7816USB-CL2
INCLA I/O data splitter adapter used with IN-CLA7816USB-CL1/2 Smart Card probeIN-CLA7816 I/O Splitter
Adapter for SO28 samples containing ZIF SOIC28 socket for use with INCLA7816USB or IN-GSMIN-SO28
Adapter for HVQFN32 packaged samplesIN-QFN32
INCLA probe for GSM footprintIN-GSM
Adapter for PCM / PDM samplesIN-PCM-PDM
Adapter for MOB4 / MOB6 samplesIN-MOB4/6
Adapter for ISO7816 SmartCardsIN-ISO7816