Ultra-XD for ARC

Trace Probe for Synopsys DesignWare ARC embedded systems

Ultra-XD for ARC

Ultra-XD is a powerful high-speed trace and run-time control debug probe for embedded development on Synopsys DesignWare ARC configurable RISC processors with the ARC Real-time Trace Interface Option. Ultra-XD works with Synopsys MetaWare IDE for advanced embedded system debugging and analysis.

Ultra-XD allows:

  • Capture and viewing of program-flow and data-accesses in real-time, non-intrusively
  • Download program from host PC to target embedded system
  • Exercise program in target (go, step, halt, breakpoints, interrogate memory, registers and variables)

Synopsys MetaWare IDE is a complete development environment for embedded C/C++ development on ARC and includes an Eclipse based Integrated Development Environment, Compiler, and Debugging and Analysis tools.

Ultra-XD Features

  • Supports all ARC® EM and HS processors with ARC Trace Interface Option (including versions 1 (8-bit/16-bit ports) and version 2 (8-bit/dual 8-bit ports))
  • Fast, trouble-free “plug-and-play” installation using high-speed USB2.0 or Gigabit Ethernet host interfaces
  • Up to 3MB/s download speed particularly suitable for large, complex projects
  • World’s fastest trace capture rates:
    • Parallel (up to 16-bits) trace up to 400MHz double-data rate (DDR)
    • Serial Gigabit trace – up to 4 lanes supported at speeds of up to 25.6Gb/s divided by number of lanes e.g. 6.4Gb/s for 4 lane
    • Captured data can be independently time-stamped using Ultra-XD’s 50-bits, 5ns resolution timestamp generator
  • Large trace storage:
    • 4GB on-board trace storage memory which may be configured as a circular buffer
    • Automatic trace clock/data skew adjustment (“AUTOLOCK”) to ensure integrity of captured high-speed data; Ultra-XD automatically calibrates itself to your target’s trace data port
  • Supports all ARC hardware-debug standards including cJTAG, JTAG and NEXUS (Trace)
  • Fine-grained adjustment of cJTAG/JTAG clock frequency from 1kHz to 100MHz; RTCK support
  • Multi-core support with full cJTAG/JTAG scan-chain configurability
  • Hot-plug support allows connection to a running target without resetting or halting
  • 38-way Mictor target connector support
  • Detects and automatically configures for the appropriate target voltage from 0.4V to 3.6V
  • Support for all on-chip hardware breakpoints; unlimited number of software breakpoints
  • Configurable Target-Reset and Test-Port-Reset, under full user control
  • Universal Hardware-Debug platform for all popular target architectures
  • Compact form factor

MetaWare IDE

With the MetaWare IDE you can develop embedded systems for bare metal and Linux based applications.

MetaWare IDE is a validated and robust development toolchain and enables C/C++ development, debug and analysis on ARC architectures.

Ultra-XD for ARC

Configuration and use of Ultra-XD is fully integrated into the MetaWare IDE thus providing full hardware-based debug and Real-time Trace capabilities including:

  • JTAG based board initialization
  • Board reset control
  • Hardware (ROM/flash) and software (RAM) based breakpoints
  • Hardware watchpoints (break on data-access)
  • Go, Halt and Step control
  • Trigger setup (i.e. specify rules for ARC Trace capture)
  • ARC Trace capture, upload and display
ProductOrder Code
Ultra-XD for ARC (includes all necessary cables, software and documentation)Ultra-XD-ARC
38-way Mictor debug cable for use with Ultra-XD probeTPA-ULT-ARC-NXS38C
38-way Mictor extension cable for use with Ultra-XD probeAD-ULT-ARC-NXS38C