24 Bottle Auto Sampler for Last IC Sewer Trade Effluence and Ground Water Quality Monitoring

Testech Service

We provide installation with Concrete Plint and Buried Trunking coring for hidden power and acqueous line.

Aluminum Custom Made Weather proof, insect regress free Enclosure with view port and built in Electrical Safety MCB and Power Socket.

Testech provide Service Maintenance Service with adequate spares locally. The Autosampler can be interface to Testech PM035 4G Telemetry for notification or remote triggering of pump run as well as interface to customers sensor to trigger the pump (for water qualities measurements).

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name:

Automatic Collection Water Sampler

Model No.:



AC 220VAC 50Hz


AS-950 automatic Water Sampler is an environmental monitoring device used for 24 Bottle (1 Litre)Automated Sampling.

Standard Sampling

Sampling delay time: Any setting of 1-9999min with increment of 1min

Time intervals: Any setting of 1-9999min with increment of 1min

Sampling Volume: can be set from 50~1000ml with increment of 1ml

Non Contact Liquid Detector

Non Contact Liquid detector installed, for the calibration of volume of sample collected.


The AS950 Portable Sampler’s lightweight design, low power requirements, and easy mobility make it ideal for field applications, including stormwater, environmental, or industrial pre-treatment.

The AS950 controller is equipped with:

  1. Standard memory and USB connectivity allowing all data to be logged and transferred via USB drive, so a laptop is not needed in the field.
  2. A the large, full color display allows intuitive programming to make these critical, remote sampling applications virtually error-free.
  3. A Rugged and reliable pump that minimizes maintenance and downtime.

The AS950 portable sampler is available in three base sizes to meet different requirements; compact for smaller manhole applications, standard for a majority of applications and large to allow for large bottle composite sampling.

For industrial pre-treatment monitoring, the AS950 portable sampler is available with a non-contact liquid detect to prevent cross contamination of samples, without cumbersome cleaning procedures. Ensuring a clean sample is quick with pump tubing replacement that requires no tools. A Hach Differential pH sensor can also be added to initiate a sampling program when thresholds are exceeded.