complete test suite for Voice-over-LTE




VoLTE Lab is a complete test suite for Voice-over-LTE, that includes the LTE LabKit, the Yate MiniCore and two iPhone 6s. It is fully configured and intended for use as a VoLTE test bed and learning environment.

With VoLTE Lab you can have a deep view into the internals of VoLTE technology, with Wireshark.
You can run Wireshark on the LTE Phy radio interface. 
You can run Wireshark on S1-MME and S1-U interfaces and also on the S6a interface.



iPhone 6s: UEs with a very good VoLTE implementation

LTE LabKit: a highly configurable test eNodeB/BTS with three GSM and one eNB modes

Yate MiniCore: a software-defined compact core network for LTE/IMS and GSM/GPRS, intended for MNOs and MVNOs



Wireshark enabled

Fully configured, fully functional VoLTE test suite

Built on general purpose hardware

Running Yate/YateBTS/YateENB software on Linux

Three management interfaces (SSH, HTTP-local and remote)

Easy to order, worldwide delivery

Easy licensing system

The LTE LabKit : LTE Specifications
The Yate MiniCore : Comunication Protocols


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