Texas Electronics instruments can be found providing safety controls for rides in amusement parks, or monitoring rainfall for water resource information along the Nile River. They provide accurate timely information for weather forecasters across the country as well as vital information for environmental concerns in industry worldwide.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

Complete Weather Stations

Controllers, Displays, Indicators

Research-grade rain gauges for precise rainfall monitoring

Packaged solutions to monitor any combination of rainfall, temp, humidity, wind, barometric pressure, and solar radiation

Analog and digital displays for monitoring weather conditions and controlling external equipment


Barometric Pressure

Wind Speed & Direction


Rugged, weatherproof atmospheric pressure sensors for all elevations

Freestanding devices for measuring air velocity and direction

Ambient air temperature and humidity sensors with specialized enclosures for environmental protection

Solar Radiation

Parts & Accessories


Sensors designed to monitor available sunlight

Data loggers, mounting hardware, replacement parts and more




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