SMS/GPRS/RF, SMS/Email Alert, Remote Monitoring Systems,  RTUs, Data Acquisition Modules, System Integration TurnKey Projects for water Level/Flow, Water Qualities, Temperature, Process. Real Time and Web Enabled.


Electrical Earth Fault  & Motor Protection Time Relay Line, Power  Leakage, Current Monitoring

Power Factor , Level Controller
PLC, HMI Automation and Service Process Measurement Digital and Analog Meter
Temperature & Process Controller / Indicator
Programming Services for above HMI & PLC


Sensor and Instrumentations for Water Level, Flow, WasteWater., Sewer, Portable Sampler, PH, DO, ORP, Turbidity, MultiParameter Probes, Datalogger, Weather Station, Chemcical Metering Pump, Transmitter, Meters, Display.

Fixed, Refrigerated and Portable Autosampler
(24 Bottles or Composite)



HW/SW/SCADA Development Services
Embedded Hardware, Microcontroller Design and Programming, Firmware, Datalogger, Wireless Telemetry Design, SCADA Development services. Design of custom hardware and software for a one stop solutions services. , Custom requirements are welcome.


GSM/GPRS, RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee
OEM and RS232C/USB/Ethernet Wireless RF Modem, GSM/GPRS Modules and Modem ZigBee Modules, WiFi Modules, Bluetooth Modules/Dongles, Wireless Bridge, VHF/UHF Data Modem, GPS.

Embedded Compiler

Embedded C/C++/
EC++ Compiler, IDE, Simulator, Debugger, OCDS, Embedded Linux


Quartz Crystal Tester

Quartz Crystal, Ceramic Resonantor,  Tester.Quartz Crystal/Oscilator Temperature Test System

 Device Programmers

Device Programmer, Gang Programmer,
ISP programmer

Serial Interfaces And Device Servers (wired and Wireless)
Device Server (Wired and Wireless), Wireless USB, Converter, Adapters, Bluetooth, WIFI Modules and Adaptors, Ethernet to RS232/422/485.  PCAN/CANOPEN Interface and Adpaters


Real Time In Circuit Emulators, JTAG, BDM, COP Interface, On Chip Debugger


Embedded RTOS, Networking Stack, Web Applications, Embedded GUI, USB, File systems.Support 8 bit Micros to 32bit RSIC


Enfora GSM 0308 Module, DPACTECH WIFI Module, Raeguard FG1000M VOC Spare, Systech CAN Adapter



Embedded Single Boards

Embedded Boards,
OEM Core Module, Development Boards
DSP Boards, Daughter Cards, Graphic LCD, Motor Controller


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