TERN TinyDrive 16 bit CPU [NEC V25] [x86 compatible]  8 MHZ C/C++ Programmable Controller, up-to 4 channels 12-bit DAC, 20 solenoid drivers, 11ch 12-bit ADC, 2 RS232 and 1 RS485, 24+ I/O, 3 ex interrupt inputs, Real Time Clock + Battery, 8 comparators/4bit ADC

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42 I/Os, 20 solenoid drivers, ADC, DAC
3 serial ports

As of 2003, this product is being discontinued as NEC has ended production on the NEC-V25.  Limited inventories for prior customers available.   

Please see TD-40 as a possible replacement.

TinyDrive Specs/Features:
* Measures 4.8x3.4 inches
* 16-bit CPU (NEC V25), x86 compatible

* 8 MHz system clock
* Power consumption: 180 mA at 9V
* Low power version: 75 mA, 20 mA standby
* Temperature: -40 to +85 Celsius
* Up to 512 KB Flash/EPROM

* Up to 512 KB battery-backed SRAM
* 512-byte EEPROM
* 24 TTL I/Os w/ multiplexed functions
* 8 comparators/4-bit ADC, 3 interrupt inputs
* Two RS-232 and 1 RS-485 serial port
* Real time clock, battery
* 11 ch. 12-bit ADC, up to 2.5 kHz sample rate (TLC2543)
* Up to 4 ch. 12-bit DAC
* 20 solenoid drivers
* LCD interface
* Screw terminals


Measuring 4.8 by 3.4 inches, the TinyDrive is a C/C++ programmable industrial controller with a 16-bit CPU (NEC V25), up to 512 KB ROM/Flash, 512 KB battery-backed SRAM, a 512-byte EEPROM, a real-time clock (RTC72421), three serial ports, 16-bit timers, 42 I/O lines, power failure reset, watchdog, and 20 solenoid drivers.

At 24x2 screw terminals, the TinyDrive provides 22 resistor-protected inputs, including eight comparator inputs, 11 12-bit ADC, three interrupt inputs, as well as 20 solenoid driver outputs. Six solenoid outputs can be configured as inputs. These outputs are capable of sinking 350mA at 50V each channel and they can directly drive solenoids, relays, or lights.

The 12-bit ADC has a serial interface, successive-approximation, and sample-and-hold. The ADC features differential high-impedance reference inputs that facilitate ratiometric conversion, scaling, and isolation of analog circuitry from logic and supply noise, with low-error (*1LSB) over the full operating temperature range at 2500 Hz sample rate. It also features high-impedance reference inputs. The ADC input voltage range is 0V to 2.5V or 0V to 5V depending on reference voltage.

The eight comparator ADC inputs can be used to measure either digital or 0 to 5V analog inputs in 16 levels. The buffered digital inputs take +24V, +5V, or ground inputs. The optional 11 12-bit ADC features reference inputs (2.5V or 5V), a sample rate of up to 2.5 kHz, and a 0-5V input voltage range. A PAL (TDP100) can provide eight digital inputs, replacing the ADC.

Two RS-232 serial ports from the V25 supports up to 115,200 baud. The RS-485 port for the optional UART (SCC2691) supports normal 8-bit and 9-bit networking.  Three 16-bit timers provide precise timing. Two standby modes, HALT and STOP, can reduce power consumption.

An optional LCD interface can be installed, replacing the third optional UART SCC2691.

The optional 12-bit ADC has sample-and-hold, a high-impedance reference input, 11 single-ended 0-5V (or 0 to REF) inputs, and a 2.5 kHz sample rate.

The TinyDrive has a 5V linear regulator installed on-board (accepting input voltage of 9-12V)., and can be easily interfaced with most TERN controllers.

Ordering Information (Qty 1/100/1K/5K+)

Includes NEC V25, 2 RS-232, 3 timers, comparators, 20 solenoid drivers,  watchdog timer, 512 byte EE, 48 screw terminals.  Does not include add-on options. OEM option discounts available.

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Add-on Options:

1) SRAM: 32KB/128KB/512KB    $8/$15/$40
2) Debug ROM (TDREM_V25) $30
3) Real-time clock and battery $20
4) Low-power version $25
5) UART (SCC2691) and RS-485 driver $30
6) 11 ch. 12-bit ADC $30
7) Reference, 20 ppm/C, 5V $15
8) LCD interface (PAL TDLCD, U5) $20
9) Up to 2 chips 12-bit DAC
(2 channels per chip)
$40 ea.

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