TERN SmartLCD-Color 16bit CPU(186)  40MHZ C/C++ Programmable Controller, 80+ I/O, 7 solenoid drivers, 5 RS232, Real Time Colck+Battery, 6ch. 12bit DAC, 19ch. 12bit ADC, Color 320x240 graphic LCD, SED1335, Touch Screen LCD,CompactFlash with file-system support, Ethernet port with TCP/IP,UDP

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SmartLCD - Color
1/4 Color VGA, touchscreen, DAC, ADC, I/O, CompactFlash logging, Ethernet w/ UDP/IP


SmartLCD-Color Specs:
* Measures 6.5x4.3 inches

* 16-bit CPU (40 Mhz 186)
* 50 mA standby, 260 mA w/ backlight (12V)
* 256 KW 16-bit SRAM

* 256 KW 16-bit Flash
* 512 bytes serial EEPROM
* 80+ TTL I/Os, 6 16-bit timers/counters
* 7 solenoid drivers
* Real-time clock + battery
* 19 ch. 12-bit ADC
* 6 ch. 12-bit DAC
* Color, 320x240 pixels LCD
* Touch-screen LCD
* 5 RS232 or RS485 serial ports
* CompactFlash w/ file-system support
* Ethernet port with TCP/IP, UDP

The SmartLCD-Color (SLC) is a C/C++ programmable controller based on 40 MHz 16-bit 186 processor. A LCD controller (SED1375), a touch screen controller (ADS7846), and a CCFL backlighting source can be installed on-board. The SED1375 has internal 128KB image buffer RAM and can interface to a QVGA color graphic LCD with 320x240 pixels.  The ADS7846 supports 4-wire resistive touch screen. All components are installed on single PCB which can be mounted on the backside of a QVGA LCD for easy integration into user applications.

Comprehensive, user-friendly software libraries and samples are provided. User can easily design their custom functions keys, text, logo, and graphics. But the SLC is not only a user interface, but also a high performance embedded controller can be easy integrated into an OEM product.

The SLC supports up to 256KW flash, 256 KW battery-backed SRAM, 512-byte serial EEPROM, real-time clock (RTC72423), six timers/counters,  watchdog, and up to five serial ports (RS-232/485). Two PPI (82C55) chips provide 24x2 TTL I/Os, and the 32 multifunctional 186 PIO pins, plus 15 DUART I/O lines. At least 60+ I/Os are free for application use.

Three 16-bit programmable high-performance counters (NEC 71054), each with its own clock input, gate input, and output, can be clocked up to 10MHz. Three 16-bit CPU internal timer/counters can support PWM, or pulse-width demodulation.

An Ethernet LAN controller (CS8900) can be intalled to provide network connectivity. A RJ45 8-pin connector is used to connect to a 10-baseT Ethernet network. A software stack library is available, supporting network protocols such as ARP, DHCP, UDP, ICMP, and of course TCP over the Ethernet network.  

A serial ADC (P2543, 11ch, 10KHz, 12-bit, 0-5V), a serial   DAC(LT1446, 2 ch., 10KHz, 12-bit, 0-4.095V), a parallel ADC (AD7852, 8ch., 100 KHz, 12-bit, 0-5V ), and a parallel DAC (DA7625, 4ch., 200KHz, 12-bit, 0-2.5V) can be installed, for a total of 19 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs.  The wide range of I/O makes this an ideal embedded acquisition/control unit.   Seven solenoid drivers are capable of sinking 350 mA at 50V each.

The SLC also supports a 50-pin compact flash card for mass data storage (very similar to the FlashCore controller). CompactFlash cards of 8-512MB can be used as non-volitile storage. TERN software supports Linear Block Address mode, 16-bit FAT flash file system. A FC-0 (interface to a CompactFlash) or a MemCard-A (interface to a PCMCIA card) can be supported by the SLC via a 20x2 pin header, giving additional mass non-volitile storage.

Four serial ports (two CPU internal, two from SCC2692) are configured to RS-232. An additional UART (SCC2691) can be configured to either RS-232 or RS-485.

Optional switching regulator (LM2575) can be used to allow up to 30V unregulated DC power input and reduce heat. Using switching regulator, in the power off mode, the controller consumes very low power.

A bezel for the SLC mounting is available.

A black-and-white version of the SmartLCD is also available for less demanding applications.

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Ordering Information (Qty 1/100/1K/5K+)
SL-C                                             $299
EV-P-SLC (W/ evaluation kit)                         $499

Includes 186 CPU 40 MHz with 32 I/Os, PPI x 2 (+64 I/O), 256 KW 16-bit Flash, 256 KW 16-bit SRAM, 512 byte EEPROM, linear regulator, 7 solenoid drivers, CF interface. Does not include add-on options. OEM option discounts available.

Development Service: Testech Electronics provides cost effective development service for a full turnkey solutions to assist our customer with automating or customised  project using Tern controller. We help you to implement your ideas and solve your problem quickly. Contact us at sales@testech-elect.com or call +65-67492162 for a discussion on how you can speed up your projects.


Add-on Options:

1) DUART (SCC2692) w/ RS232    $40
2) Real-time clock and Battery $20
3) UART (SCC2691)+driver  
(a) RS-232 / (b) RS-485
4) 4 ch. 12-bit DAC, 200 KHz (DA7625)    $60
5) 2 ch. 12-bit DAC (LT1446) $40
6) 8 ch. 12-bit ADC, 388 KHz (AD7852) $40
7) 11 ch. 12-bit ADC (P2543) $30
8) Switching regulator $30
9) Ethernet Interface $50
10) Color LCD, Touchscreen, CCFL, Bezel $400

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