TERN Relay7 Embedded Controller Expansion Board, TTL-level to high voltage conversion, 7 mechnical power realys with NO,NC,COM, 7 solenoid drivers

TERN VE232 Embedded Controller Expansion Board, Unregulated 9-12 DC input, RS232/RS485 drivers, Linear voltage regulator

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7 power relays and solenoid drivers


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RS232 / Voltage regulator interface

Relay7 Specs:
* 4.4 x 2.2 x 0.8 inches

* 4.3 ounces
* Power input: +12 V unregulated DC
* TTL-level to high voltage conversion
* 7 mechanical power relays with NO, NC, and COM
* 7 solenoid drivers

VE232 Specs:
* Measures 2.3 by 1.4 inches

* Unregulated 9-12V DC input
* RS232/RS485 drivers
* Linear voltage Regulator


Relay 7

In many industrial applications, 12V or 24V control signals are required. However, most embedded controllers support only TTL level (0-5V) input or output. The Relay7 (R7) is designed to support TTL-level and high-voltage (up to 30V) signal conversion. Seven power relays are provided on the R7. Each power relay provides Normal Close, Normal Open, and COM contacts, and are rated for 10 A operation.

Seven relay status indicator LEDs and an additional seven solenoid drivers are also on-board. These seven high-voltage I/O channels are hardware configurable as 0V to 30V inputs or as 0V to 30V outputs at the screw terminals.


The VE232 measures 2.3 by 1.4 inches. It takes unregulated +9-12V DC input, and provides regulated +5V power, negative voltage, two RS-232 drivers, and one RS-485 driver. It connects to the controllers via a 10x2 header. The VE232 is useful in providing drivers and voltage sources for the various engine controllers.


Ordering Information (Qty 1/100/1K++)
Relay7                     $99/$69/$29
Includes 7 power relays with 3 screw terminals each, 7 high voltage I/Os.

VE232                     $69/$49/$29


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