The PowerDrive (PD), measuring 7.9 by 5.6 inches, features numerous peripherals. This includes eight channels of high-speed 12-bit ADC (LTC1272, 3 us, on-chip sample-and-hold and reference), four channels of fast settling 12-bit DAC (MAX527, 5ms settling, 1 LSB error), six channels of high voltage/current drivers that can sink 350 mA each channel at 50V, 16 digital inputs, 10 digital outputs, eight comparator inputs that take either analog (10-bit resolution) or digital inputs.
Technical Specs
Two HP quadrature decoders (HP2020) can directly interface to external optical encoders for motion control. The decoders also can be used as high-speed 16-bit counters up to 10MHz. Schmitt-trigger inverters are provided for high-speed counter inputs, to increase noise immunity and transform slowly-changing input signals to fast-changing, jitter-free output signals. An analog signal-conditioning circuit provides configurable gain, filter, and buffer operations. An LCD interface and a 5x8 keypad interface are on-board.
  •  Measures 7.9x5.6x0.8 inches
  • Power: 200 mA at 12V
  • 8 analog inputs with signal conditioning
  • 8 12-bit ADC, 3 us conversion
  • 4 12-bit DAC
  • 1 10-bit DAC
  • 2 RS-232 drivers
  • 6 solenoid drivers
  • 72 screw terminals
  • 16 digital inputs, 10 digital outputs
  • 6 power relays
  • 2 quadrature decoders
  • 8 opto-couplers
  • LCD, keypad interfaces
Similar expansion boards: TinyDrive, Relay-7
Supported controllers: i386-Engine, A-Engine, V25-Engine-LM


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