TERN Kpad  Embedded Controller Expansion Board, 16x2 line character-typr LCD, 8x2 keys, User plastic overlay, User-defineable key layout paper

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Kpad (-IO, -Bus)
Low-cost user-interface, 16x2 character-based LCD w/ 6x2 keypad
Kpad Specs:
* Measures 5.2x2.5 inches
* 16x2 line character-type LCD

* 8x2 keys
* Blue plastic overlay
* User-definable key layout paper.
* Easy bus-interface integrates with most TERN controllers.

The Kpad is a low cost user interface ideal for simple operator display applications.  Measuring 5.2 x 2.5", the Kpad supports a 16x2 line character-type LCD, 16 keys, and a blue plastic overlay.

User definable 8x2 key layout paper can be customized and inserted underneath the blue plastic overlay.  Software sample programs are available demonstrating how the unit is programmed in C/C++.

The Kpad is available in two variants, making it available to a wider array of TERN controllers.  The Kpad-IO version is driven by any 6 programmable TTL I/O pins (+ 5V and GND signals).  This makes it compatible with essentially any TERN controller with simple wiring between the unit and the controller.

The Kpad-Bus version makes any custom wiring unnecessary.  For TERN controllers with an accessible 20x2 J1 header (check with us if you're not sure), the Kpad-Bus can be connected directly via the attached socket.   A simple flat-ribbon cable can also be used to connect the unit.  The A-Core can also be directly soldered onto the back of the Kpad-Bus.

Ordering Information (Qty 1/100/1K/5K+)

Kpad-IO                                 $99
Includes 16x2 LCD, 8x2 keys. 
Interfaces requires wiring to 15 TTL I/O lines (6 if just using LCD, 10 if just using keypad) 5V and GND.

Kpad-Bus                              $129
Includes 16x2 LCD, 8x2 keys, 20x2 J1 socket.  Connects directly to host TERN controllers with compatible 20x2 J1 bus headers.  .



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