TERN i386-Drive 32 bit CPU [intel i386EX][x86 compatible] 33MHZ C/C++ Programmable Controller, one 16bit ADC, one 24bit ADC, 22 ch. 12bit ADC, two 12bit DAC,Real Time Clock+Battery, 50+ I/O

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32-bit processor module w/ 70+ I/Os, UARTS, ADC, DAC, quadrature decoders

i386-Drive Specs/Features:
* Measures 4.7x4.5x0.6 inches
* 32-bit CPU (Intel i386EX), x86 compatible

* 33 MHz system clock
* Power consumption: 300/160/80/30 mA at 8.5/12/24/35V
* Temperature: -40 to +85 Celsius
* 24 Multiplexed I/Os, interrupts, DMA
* 48 bi-directional I/O lines from 2 PPIs
* Up to 3 MB total of SRAM/Flash
* Up to 5 async. serial ports, RS-232/485
* Up to 2 quadrature decoders
* Real-time clock, battery
* One 16-bit ADC, one 24-bit ADC
* 22 channels 12-bit ADC
* Two 12-bit DAC
* One 100 KHz DAC

The i386-Drive (ID) is a compact, low-cost, high performance controller based on the 33 MHz, 32-bit Intel386EX™. It combines the powerful i386EX CPU and numerous peripherals on a single PCB measuring 4.7 by 4.5 inches. It can be used in numerous industrial or data acquisition applications.

The ID supports up to 512 KB 8-bit SRAM, 512 KB 8-bit Flash, 1 MB 16-bit SRAM, and 1 MB 16-bit Flash. A 512-byte serial EEPROM, which does not require a battery backup, can be used as an additional memory device to store important data. An optional real-time clock (RTC) provides information on the year, month, date, hour, minute, second, 1/64 second. A lithium coin battery can be installed to back up both the SRAM and RTC.

Two asynchronous serial ports from the i386EX support reliable DMA-driven serial communication at up to 115,200 baud with RS-232 drivers. The i386EX also offers one synchronous serial port. An optional UART SCC2691 and a dual UART SCC2692 can be added for an additional three asynchronous serial ports with RS-232 or RS-485 drivers.

Three PC-compatible 16-bit programmable timers/counters can generate interrupts or count external events, at a rate of up to 8 MHz, or can generate pulse outputs. Three 8-bit, multifunctional, user-programmable I/O ports are included in the i386EX. Four external interrupts are buffered by Schmitt-trigger inverters and provide active low inputs. A supervisor chip (LTC691) with a watchdog timer is on-board.

Two PPI chips (82C55) provide 48 user-programmable I/O lines totally free for application use. The optional SCC2692 UART provides 15 additional I/O lines.

The ID supports several optional ADC and DACs. Up to 22 channels of 12-bit ADC (LTC2543, 0-5V, 10 KHz), one 16-bit ADC (LTC1605, 10V, 100 KHz), and one 24-bit ADC (LTC2400, 0-5V, 5 Hz) can be installed. Two 12-bit DACs (LTC1446, 0-4.095V, 10 KHz), one 100 KHz 12-bit DAC (LTC1450, 0-4.095V), and one 16-bit DAC (LTC1655, 0-4.095V, 10 KHz) are available.

Two quadrature decoders (HP2020) can interface to optical encoders for motion control. Schmitt-trigger inverters are provided. On-board expansion headers provide data lines, address lines, control signals, and pre-decoded chip select lines.

By default, a 5V switching regulator (up to 35V DC input) is installed to reduce power consumption and heat. The switching regulator introduces more noise than a linear regulator: a linear regulator can be installed upon request.

In "power-off" mode, the ID consumes very low (uA) power. Users can turn off the switching regulator via software, and use the RTC or an external signal to turn it on.

A MemCard can be installed on the ID to provide an additional 33 12-bit ADC, 6 24-bit ADC, 420 MB PCMCIA memory, and an Ethernet interface.

Ordering Information (Qty 1/100/1K/5K+)
(33 MHz)      $199/$179/$149/$69

Includes i386EX 33 MHz with 128 KB SRAM, 24 I/Os, 2 RS-232, 24x2 I/Os from PPIs, watchdog, 512-byte EE, 5V regulator.  Does not include add-on options. OEM option discounts available.

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Add-on Options:

1) 8-bit SRAM: 512KB $40
2) Debug ROM (IE8_0_115) $30
3) Real-time clock and battery $20
4) UART (SCC2691) w/
(a) RS-232 (default), or
(b) RS-485 drivers
5) Dual UART (SCC2692) w/
(a) RS-232, or (b) RS-485
6) 16-bit SRAM:
(a) 128 KB x2 (256KB total),
(b) 512 KB x2 (1 MB total)
7) 16-bit Flash:
(a) 512 KB,
(b) 1 MB
8) 24-bit ADC (LTC2400) $20
9) 16-bit ADC (LTC1605, 100 KHz) $60
10) 11 ch. 12-bit ADC (LTC2543) up to two $30 each
11) 2 ch. 12-bit DAC (LT1446) $40
12) High-speed 12-bit DAC (LTC1450) $30
13) Switching regulator $30
14) Quadrature decoder (HP2020), up to two $30 each

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