TERN A-Drive Embedded Controller Expansion Board, 22 12bit ADC, 8 12bit DAC, 6 ch. high gain singnal conditioning

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22 ADC inputs + 8 DAC outputs
A-Drive Specs:
* Measures 6.2x4.2 inches
* Power: 170 mA

* Low-power: 85 mA, 25 mA standby
* 22 12-bit ADC (11 from A104) 2.5 kHz
* 6 channels high-gain signal conditioning
* Directly interfaces to thermocouples, RTD, strain gauges
* 8 12-bit DAC (4 from V104)
* On-board temperature sensor for cold-junction compensation
* 2.5V, 3 ppm/C, precision voltage reference
* Analog signal conditioning circuit for ADC and DAC
* On-board power supply for +5V, +7V, -12V, -5V and 2.5V

The A-Drive is designed for industrial process control, automatic test equipment, and data acquisition applications that require many channels of analog signal I/Os. The A-Drive is driven by a V104 and supports up to 22 channels of 12-bit ADC inputs and up to eight channels of 12-bit DAC outputs, including 11 ADC inputs and four DAC outputs (optional) from the V104.

There are ten channels of signal conditioning circuits for the ADC inputs on the A-Drive board, including six instrumentation operational amplifiers that provide high input impedance and high gain to low-voltage output sensors such as EKG electrodes, thermocouples, or strain gauges. The 11 ADC inputs on the V104 are buffered by resistors. A temperature sensor is located next to the screw terminals. A 3 ppm/C, 2.5V reference supports the 12-bit ADCs and DACs. The eight channels of 12-bit DAC can output either voltage or current. The DAC features power-on reset, 3 us output setting time and 5 V/us slew rate. You may customize analog input and output ranges by setting different gain resistors. The seven solenoid drivers can sink 350 mA at 50V.

The A-Drive provides regulated power (8.5 - 12V input) and RS-232/RS485 drivers.

Ordering Information (Qty 1/100/1K+)
Includes 11 ch. 12-bit ADC, analog signal conditioning, temperature sensor, reference, power supplies, 7 solenoid drivers, RS-232 drivers..  Does not include add-on options or controller.

Add-on Options:

1) 4 ch. 12-bit DAC $80
2) Upgrade precision ops (up to 8) $10 ea.

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