High Quality Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Instrumentation

Level Measurement Devices
water level indicator solinst water level meters water level water level indicators water level dip meters groundwater groundwater industry laser marked water level meters 101 Water Level Meters flat tape water level meters flat tape water level indicators 101 P7 101 P7 water level meters laser marked flat tape laser marked flat tape water level meters solinst laser marked water level meters image

Water Level Meter Model 101

Solinst 101 Water Level Meter with P7 Probe features an extremely durable, laser marked PVDF flat tape, with an enhanced dog bone design that is thicker, reducing adherence to the side of well casing.

solinst 101b water level meter 101b water level meters solinst water level meters low cost water level meters low price water level meters cheap water level meters inexpensive water level meters low cost water level meters image

Water Level Meter Model 101B

Solinst 101B Water Level Meters feature a basic design, making them a very economical option for depth to water level measurements. The 101B uses polyethylene flat tape, heat embossed in centimeter increments. Tape lengths available are 30 m, 60 m, and 100m. The robust stainless steel P1 Probe is ½" (12.7 mm) in diameter.


solinst water level indicators draw down measure water level measure draw down water level measurements measure water levels in narrow diameter tubes water level meters Water Level Measurements 102 Water Level Indicator laser marked water level meters laser marked water level indicators 102M Mini Water Level Meters water level meters image

Laser Marked Coaxial Cable Water Level Meter

Laser Marked Model 102 Water Level Indicator is designed to accurately measure groundwater levels in small diameter applications.

solinst coaxial cable water level indicators laser marked water level indicators narrow diameter water level indicators mini water level meters mini water level indicators small water level meters small water level indicators laser marked water level indicators image

Mini Laser Marked Water Level Meter Model 102M

102M Mini Water Level Meter is available in 80 ft. and 25 m lengths. There is the choice of the P4 or P10 Probe.

122 interface meter

Interface Meter Model 122

Solinst Model 122 Interface Meters are easy-to-use and give reliable, accurate measurements. A steady tone and light indicate LNAPL or DNAPL. Intermittent signals indicate water. Solinst laser marked PVDF flat-tape is available in lengths up to 1000 ft or 300 m. The PVDF Flat Tape is considerably more durable and easier to decontaminate.


Mini Interface Meter Model 122M

Solinst Mini Oil/Water Interface Meters give clear and accurate measurements of product level and thickness in wells and tanks. Determination of both light (floating) non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) and dense (sinking) non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) is quick and easy.


TLC Meter Model 107

The Model 107 TLC Meter is ideal for profiling conductivity and temperature in wells and open water, for salt-water intrusion studies, and a general indication of contamination levels. The 3/4" (19 mm) diameter probe is attached to SOLINST PVDF flat tape; accurately laser marked every 1/100 ft or each millimeter. Lengths up to 1000 ft or 300 m, mounted on a SOLINST reel.


Tag Line Model 103

The Solinst Model 103 Tag Line uses a weight attached to a laser marked cable, which is mounted on a sturdy free-standing reel. The 1/16" (1.6 mm) stranded stainless steel wire line is primarily used during the installation of monitoring wells to measure depth to the bottom of a well, or the depth to the top of a backfill sand or bentonite layer.


Data Loggers & Telemetry


Levelogger® Edge Model 3001

The Levelogger Edge is a self contained water level datalogger, using infra-red data transfer powered by a 10 year lithium battery, offering the flexibility of installing by use of a Direct Read Cable, wireline or Kevlar cord. The Levelogger Edge has a memory capacity of 40,000 temperature and water level data points, or up to 120,000 using the compression algorithm in linear sampling mode.

solinst barologger edge barometric pressure transducer barometric compensation barometrically compensated water level data barometric data loggers barometer barologger image

Barologger Edge Model 3001

The Levelogger Edge measures absolute pressure (water pressure + atmospheric pressure) expressed in feet, meters, centimeters, psi, kPa, or bar.

The most accurate method of obtaining changes in water level is to compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations using a Barologger Edge, avoiding time lag in the compensation.

solinst data logger data loggers levelogger junior leveloggers pumping and slug tests watershed monitoring drainage basin monitoring monitoring recharge areas stream gauging lake level monitoring tidal fluctuation monitoring long term water level monitoring monitoring groundwater levels levellogger level logger water level loggers dataloggers datalogger water level depth logger water level depth loggers equipment for monitoring water levels image

Levelogger® Junior Edge Model 3001

For important projects with a tight budget, Levelogger Junior Edge provides a cost-effective solution for continuous water level and temperature measurement. It is simple to program with user-friendly software, and easy to deploy with Direct Read Cables or wireline/Kevlar cord and the Levelogger locking well cap. It features a Hastelloy pressure sensor, battery that lasts 5 years, and memory for 40,000 sets of readings. Accuracy is 0.1% FS with lifetime calibration. Levelogger Junior Edge is SDI-12 compatible, as is the higher accuracy Levelogger Edge.


solinst levelogger water level monitoring salt water intrusion investigations levelogger junior ltc levelogger junior solinst levelogger monitor water levels monitor conductivity monitor temperature image

LTC Levelogger® Junior Model 3001

The LTC Levelogger Junior provides the low cost convenience of three measurement parameters in one instrument. It combines conductivity and temperature sensors, pressure transducer, datalogger, memory for 16,000 sets of readings, and a 5-year battery, in a small waterproof housing. It is compatible with Levelogger Series Software, accessories and STS Telemetry Systems. Ideal for salinity studies and a general indication of contamination levels.

solinst rain logger rainlogger rain logging rain datalogging rain data logging datalogging rain levels rainfall monitoring monitoring rainfall water levels image

Rainlogger Edge Model 3002

The Rainlogger Edge is designed to record the tips of a standard tipping-bucket rain gauge with a normally-open style reed switch output. Compact and waterproof, this durable field unit offers long-term reliability with a battery that lasts up to 10 years. The event time stamp and total rainfall per time period is logged in non-volatile memory, which holds up to 60,000 readings. Sampling is event based, as the Rainlogger records and saves each tip of the tipping-bucket as it happens.

solinst levelogger app interface wireless bluetooth communication  

Levelogger App Interface Model 3001

The Levelogger App Interface uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to communicate to your iOS or Android™ smart device. Use our Levelogger App Interface and a Solinst Direct Read Cable, to communicate to a downhole Levelogger and email data files right from the field.


solinst datagrabber levelogger data transfer device solinst levelogger data transfer device solinst datagrabber grondwater datalogger transfer device solinst data grabber levelogger data capture device levelogger usb device levelogger datagrabber image

DataGrabber™ Model 3001/3002

The DataGrabber™ is a simple portable device that copies data from Solinst dataloggers in the field, to a USB flash drive key, with one push of a button. The DataGrabber connects to the top of a Direct Read Cable, or to the Levelogger using an Adaptor.


Direct Read to Optical Adaptor Model 3001/3002

The Levelogger Direct Read to Optical Adaptor is designed to be used in place of a Direct Read Cable, when the extra cable length is not required. This allows it to be used for multiple communication or deployment purposes. The Adaptor can be used to connect your Levelogger to a Levelogger App Interface,DataGrabber, an SDI-12 Interface Cable, PC Interface Cable, or deploy a Barologger inside an STS enclosure.

solinst levelogger levelogger locking well caps 2' well caps 2 inch well caps levelogger well caps 4' well caps levelogger wellhead levelogger well head manifold datalogger well caps pressure transducer well caps image

Well Caps Model 3001

The New Model 3001 Levelogger Well Cap Assembly is designed to fit 2", or 4" wells with a Reducer, and provides options for installing Leveloggers water level dataloggers with wireline, cord, or Direct Read Cables. The Well Cap can suspend a Levelogger and Barologger in one well, and still provides an access hole for other monitoring equipment. The Cap can be securely locked shut, and is vented to equalize atmospheric pressure.

Model 9100 Solinst Telemetry System

Solinst Telemetry System (STS) Model 9100 STS

The STS Telemetry System provides an economical and efficient method to access remote data instantly. Built for Leveloggers, the system creates a remote monitoring solution by combining high quality dataloggers, intuitive software and wireless communication providing flexibility to suit any project.


Remote Radio Link (RRL) Model 9200

The 9200 RRL Radio Telemetry System offers a very simple, inexpensive method of local telemetry. The wireless system is designed to log real-time data from the Levelogger Series of dataloggers. It communicates over distances up to 20 miles (30 km). Distances can also be increased by using some radios as repeaters.



Multilevel Systems

Solinst Model 403 CMT Continuous Multichannel Tubing

CMT® Multilevel System Model 403

  • Single tube for effective sealing - no joints
  • Easy to install in one day
  • Typical backfill or sand/bentonite installation

Obtain detailed depth discrete groundwater data using a CMT Multilevel System. Monitor up to 7 zones in one well.

Solinst Model 401 CMT Continuous Multichannel Tubing System

Waterloo Multilevel Monitoring System Model 401

The Waterloo Multilevel System allows groundwater measurements and samples from many isolated zones in a single borehole. Flexible design allows users to customize a system for each monitoring project.

Enhanced Biodegradation
Solinst Model 703 Waterloo Emitter

Waterloo Emitter Model 703

The Waterloo Emitter™ is designed to assist in-situ remedial biodegradation of MTBE, BTEX and other contaminants. It enables oxygen (or hydrogen for anaerobic remediation) to diffuse through silicone or LDPE tubing in a controlled uniform manner. The simple, low-cost, patented technology consists of a PVC frame wrapped with tubing that can be pressurized to obtain the desired diffusive transfer of gas, appropriate to site-specific needs. Sized for 2", 4" and 6" (50, 100 and 150 mm) wells, the units can be stacked in a well and joined from one well to another, to allow the controlled continuous diffusion of gas into the plume.

Direct-Push Equipment
solinst drive-points piezometers direct push equipment sparge points groundwater sampling water level monitoring contaminant plume delineations soil gas sampling UST monitoring groundwater image

Drive-Point Piezometers Model 615

The Model 615 Drive-Point Piezometers use a high quality stainless steel piezometer tip, 3/4" NPT pipe for drive extensions and LDPE or PTFE sample tubing, if desired. Combine these with an inexpensive Slide Hammer and you have a complete system.

solinst piezometers water level monitoring permeability measurements construction control de-watering drainage slope stability investigations metals monitoring groundwater stand pipe piezometers standpipe piezometers image

Standpipe Piezometer Model 601

The Standpipe Piezometer is designed to be placed within a drilled hole to provide a filtered inlet point. Pointed PVC tip is suitable for pushing into very loose sands at the base of a borehole, a stream, or into very loose tailings pond sediments.

solinst profilers direct push equipment contaminant vs depth profiling plume delineations groundwater sampling drive point profiler vertical profiling vertical subsurface profiling image

Drive-Point Profiler Model 660

The Model 660 Drive-Point Profiler is designed to allow collection of groundwater samples from multiple points in a single drive/drilling location, at discrete zones. It can be installed with a rig that pushes, hammers, or vibrates the Profiler into suitable sands. It uses AW rod and can be adapted to attach to custom rods used by some rigs. The profiler has a 1.75" (45 cm) dia. AW stainless steel tip with one row of screened inlet holes set circumferentially leading to a single LDPE or PTFE stainless steel sample line.

Groundwater Samplers
solinst peristaltic pumps vacuum pumping pressure delivery of liquids pressure delivery of gases image

Peristaltic Pump Model 410

The Model 410 Peristaltic Pump is ideally suited for groundwater and vapor sampling from shallow wells or surface water. Compact, lightweight and water resistant, it has excellent field durability. Robust metal case makes it easy to maintain and repair. One easy-access control enables reversible flow and various speeds, allowing high or low-flow sampling. Simply connect to a 12 Volt power source to operate.

solinst groundwater samplers gas drive pumps water well sampling groundwater double valve pumps dual valve pumps solinst double valve pumps pneumatic pumps sampling groundwater image

Double Valve Pump Model 408

The Model 408 Double Valve Pumps are positive displacement, gas drive pumps providing high quality, consistent samples, and excellent VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) sample results. Pumps are available in stainless steel 5/8" diameter, and 1.66" diameter. Portable or dedicated versions are available. They can be fitted with packers to control groundwater flow and limit purge requirements. DVPs are easily disassembled for decontamination in minutes, without any tools.


Micro Double Valve Pump Model 408M

The Micro Double Valve Pump has a remarkably small and flexible design. It is a pneumatic pump that uses coaxial PTFE tubing to give high quality samples. At 3/8" (10 mm) diameter, it is small enough to fit in 1/2" (13 mm) ID tubing such as in Waterloo Multilevel System 5/8" open tubes, as well as channels of the Solinst Model 403 CMT Multilevel Systems. Ideal for low flow groundwater monitoring in narrow applications.

solinst 464 electronic pump control units pneumatic pump control units bladder pump control units double valve pump control units groundwater sampling groundwater sampling control units automatic control units manual pump control units 109560 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit 125psi  cw lines for Bladder DVP image

Electronic Control Unit (125 psi and 250 psi)Model 464

The Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit is fully automatic with preset sample modes from low through high flow sampling. Use with a Solinst Model 407 Bladder Pump or 408 Double Valve Pump for effective VOC and low-flow groundwater sampling.

solinst inertial groundwater samplers inertial pumps pump groundwater sampling pump groundwater development pumps well development pumps inertial lift samplers inertial pumps image

Inertial Pump Model 404

The Inertial Pump is a simple, reliable inertial pump that provides a cost effective sampling option for groundwater monitoring. The Pump consists of a riser tube fitted with a one-way foot valve. It can be easily operated manually, or by using a surface pumping mechanism. The tubing and foot valves come in various sizes suitable for varying well diameters and sampling applications. Effective to depths of 200+ ft (60+ m) in 0.4" - 6" ID wells (12 mm - 150 mm).

solinst discrete interval sampling discrete interval samplers groundwater samplers collecting samples from distinct levels or points of inflow lnapl sampling dnapl sampling passive samplers no purge samplers non purge samplers zero purge samplers passive sampling no purge sampling non purge sampling zero purge sampling passive groundwater samplers passive groundwater sampling no purge groundwater samplers no purge groundwater sampling non purge groundwater samplers non purge groundwater sampling zero purge groundwater samplers zero purge groundwater sampling passive sampling technology passive sampling instruments passive water samplers passive water sampling passive groundwater samplers passive groundwater sampling image

Discrete Interval Sampler Model 425

The Model 425 Discrete Interval Sampler is a stainless steel groundwater sampler, with LDPE tubing mounted on a convenient reel. Discrete interval sampling is ideal for obtaining truly representative groundwater samples from below floating product layers, or for obtaining samples of the product itself. The Discrete Interval Sampler can also be used to profile open bodies of water, boreholes, and to collect samples from distinct levels or points of inflow. The Discrete Interval Sampler is a passive sampler that is pressurized when lowered and upon retrieval, to prevent water mixing at different levels. Designed to give zero purge samples.

solinst point source bailers bailers discrete interval sampling groundwater samplers groundwater grab samplers discrete zone monitoring discrete zone bailers stainless steel bailers groundwater sampling image

Point Source Bailers Model 429

The Point Source Bailer is stainless steel and has dual ball valves, top and bottom. This prevents a sample collected at a discrete depth from mixing with water from other depths during retrieval. It is a simple and cost effective device for aquifer profiling, and collecting samples from distinct levels. Purging and disposal of purge water can be avoided. The miniature 0.5" (12.7 mm) diameter model is ideal for use in narrow tubes and direct push devices.

solinst bailer baler groundwater samplers sampling narrow diameter sampling groundwater disposable bailers biobailer bio bailer biodegradable bailer biodegradable baler biodegradable bailers clear pvc bailers image

BioBailer - Biodegradable PVC Bailer Model 428

The Model 428 BioBailer is a low cost, biodegradable bailer, made of clear PVC. The rigid body is easy to handle and the dense PVC design eliminates the need to use weights in most groundwater sampling applications. It is available in 1.5" and ¾" diameters, which hold more than 1025 mL and 200 mL of sample water, respectively.

solinst packers bcr packers inflatable packers ldpe single packers straddle packers groundwater packers borehole packers low pressure packers image

Low-Pressure Packers Model 800

Solinst Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers are available in two sizes, as single or straddle packers primarily for use in 2" to 5" monitoring wells (50 and 125 mm). They can be inflated using a hand pump to a maximum of up to 50 psi (345 kPa).

solinst disposable filters membrane filters groundwater sampling filters groundwater groundwater samplers image

Disposable In-Line Filters Model 860

Solinst Disposable In-Line Filters are specifically designed for the preparation of groundwater samples for dissolved metals analysis and for filtering large volumes of turbid groundwater. These filters are any easy effective way to meet the filtration requirements of the US EPA, as they incorporate a 0.45 m membrane into a disposable device.




M2M Development Service

Testech Provide valued Added Complete System Solutions for Remote Monitoring of  your M2M application and Remote Telemetry, Wireless Scada, M2M Application. We had provide customised HW/SW solution for M2M (SMS/GPRS/3G, Bluetooth, RF,  Remote Monitoring/Alert and Control Applications). Ready Solutions and deployment ready for water level, water qualities measurement, waste water/sewer monitoring are available.

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