Industrial PC/Single Boards

Industrial PC, Embedded SBC, OEM Core Module, Development Boards
DSP Boards, Daughter Cards, Graphic LCD, Motor Controller

Tern.gif (8328 bytes) Tern
AM186, AM188, i386EX, 586  Controller Board, Camera Modules, USB, Signal Conditioner, Motion   Controller (Servo, Stepper), Relay Board, Graphic LCD Driver with device driver libraries for easy programming and short time to project completion. No need to write device drivers!

OEM Insertable CPU Module, Controller Board for 8-bit, 16-bit, 32bit Micros, RISC with Flash Tools, CAN Bus, Ethernet, Developmen Kit based on 8051, 80251, XA, DS390, MX, C16x, ST10, SC520, ARM, PXA255, MPC555, MPC565
Peak System
PCAN CanBus Interface(PCI, USB, LPT, ISA, PC104), CANBUS Sofware, Analyzer, Embedded CANBus Modules, Accessories
Mls_logo.gif (2067 bytes) MicroLab Systems
TORNADO DSP Boards for PCI and ISA, Stand-alone DSP Controllers with TI TMS320 DSP (TMS320VC33, TMS320C54x, TMS320C62xx/C67xx/C64xx). Add-on AD/DA Daughter-card Modules for Instrumentation, Speech/Fax/Modem, Telecom, Audo Processing, and Digital Radio. DSP Coprocessor Daughter-card Modules.



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