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  350A-N Quartz Crystal Test System




  • Computer controlled quartz crystal measurement system
  • Performs repeatable PASS/FAIL testing to easily defined limits
  • Automatically adjusts to easily defined power levels
  • Broadband calibration
  • Displays and prints statistical and distribution data

    Uses HP E5100B Network Anaylzer





Frequency Range: 1 MHz - 300 MHz
Frequency Correlation: +/- 2 ppm at series, typical * 
Crystal Power: 10pW - 1000 uW into 25 ohms
Crystal Termination: IEC-444 Standard Pi Network


*Proprietary measurement and calibration algorithms provide correlation to industry standard crystal measurement equipment. 




Series Resonant Frequency Motional Capacitance Power Level
Load Resonant Frequency Motional Inductance Capacity Ratio 
Load Capacitance Resistance  Drive Level Dependency
Shunt Capacitance Quality Factor  Spurious Testing
Trim Sensitivity  Others 


Printout Formats 



Limit Testing Display Crystals are tested against user defined lower and upper limits that are displayed with each parameter tested. Crystal data for each parameter tested is displayed and a large PASS or FAIL indication is given. 

All parameters outside the specified limits are clearly identified. 


Distribution Display

Crystal distribution can be displayed and/or printed for all tested parameters that have limits specified in the setup file. Crystal distribution is displayed with upper and lower limits identified. The display indicates the parameter for which distribution is displayed, total number of crystals tested, mean value and standard deviation. 

Distribution Display



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