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  2200B Temperature Test System


 • Automated, software based quartz crystal temperature test system  

•  Measures crystal parameters over easily defined temperature profile 

•  Parameter and curve fit characteristics are checked against easy to define QC limits 

•  Crystals of different frequencies can be tested in a single temperature run 

•  Measurement data available in spread sheet, ASCII and binary formats 
•  Crystal part number defines complete measurement parameters, QC limits, temperature test points, and data printouts



[Wheel] • Accommodates two dual row test  wheels with extended life test head contacts 

•  Easily loaded S&A proprietary sockets accept HC45, HC49, HC43, HC49US, HC18, SMD and tubular type packages 

•  Typically holds 508 devices per run   




Frequency Range: 1 MHz - 300 MHz
Frequency Correlation: +/- 2 ppm at series, typical *
Crystal Power: 10 pW - 1000 uW into 25 ohms
Temperature Stability: +/- 0.1 Degree C


*Proprietary measurement and calibration algorithms provide correlation to industry standard crystal measurement equipment. 




Series Resonant Frequency Motional Capacitance Power Level
Load Resonant Frequency Motional Inductance Capacity Ratio
Load Capacitance Resistance Drive Level Dependency
Shunt Capacitance Quality Factor Spurious Testing
Trim Sensitivity Others




Series Resonant Frequency Load Resonant Frequency Resistance 




HP E5100B Network Analyzer IEC-444 Pi Network Test Head (dual row) 
S&A 2451 Switch Box Computer 
S&A 4220 Temperature Test Chamber System Software
      (CO2 LN2 or MR option)  Printer (Optional) 





Data and Curve Fit Tabulations

Data and Curve Fit Plots


Other formats available including crystal grouping, customer created printouts and custom.

List of QC Failures Only



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